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Renewable energy symposium for Namibian high schools

Kandjoze was speaking at the first-ever two-day renewable energy symposium, held in the Khomas region, the Namibian reported.

The seminar, organised by the Namibian youth on renewable energy (NAYoRE) organisation, attracted some 60 learners from 20 high schools.

Renewable energy symposium

It is reported that Kandjoze noted that the renewable energy revolution can greatly reduce unemployment amongst young people.

“It is crucial for Namibian high schools to start the conversation on renewable energy and efficiency. This will prepare the youth for a world that will mostly run on renewable and clean energy,” the minister stated.

The minister said schools can invest in renewable energy technologies, and any excess electricity generated can be put back into the grid through the net metering programme.

Kandjoze then challenged the learners to start energy conservation programmes in their schools and communities to ensure a commitment to reduce energy usage and integrating renewable energy technologies into public schools.

According to media, despite efforts by the government, 50% of Namibia’s population still does not have access to electricity.

“It is your innovation as the youth that will light up Namibia, especially in rural areas, where some learners go to schools without electricity,” he noted.

Lectures on various topics including climate change and energy, an introduction to renewable energy, energy efficiency and auditing, as well as career options in renewable energy are reported were part of the programme.

Renewable energy bridge electricity access gap

Earlier this year, the Minister of Finance, Calle Schlettwein, noted that the country should embrace renewable energy sources in order to reduce power imports, among other benefits. Read more…

Schlettwein said: “In order to accelerate the electricity service to unserved areas we need to approach this issue from both the top-down [expansion of grid] and bottom-up [local off-grid solutions] directions.”

He added: “Apart from the obvious environmental positives, embracing renewable energy sources would be extremely healthy for us from a price stability point of view.”


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