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Open source green business support services directory launches in SA

GreenCape, in partnership with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF), launched an open source Green Business Support Services Directory this month.

Open source Green Business Support Services Directory launches in SA »  GreenCape

This interactive directory is a public resource with information on services, programmes and opportunities available to entrepreneurs and SMEs in the green economy.

“GreenCape and FNF’s collaboration seeks to support the growth of the green economy by linking innovators and entrepreneurs to the kind of support these require to promote their green and market-driven products and solutions,” said Cecelia Kok, head of research and advocacy projects, FNF South Africa.

The open-source digital directory serves two primary target markets:

  • It is a platform for business development services (business support consultants, trainers, financiers etc.) to publicise support services, programmes and opportunities available for South African green businesses entrepreneurs, and;
  • It is a resource that green business entrepreneurs can use to access sector-relevant support services that can assist in leveraging opportunities for business growth and cross-cutting entry into commercial, industrial, residential, and municipal markets.

Businesses that would like to list their support services can do so for free online: Click here.

The directory was created with the web design assistance of Known Design