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Jumeme Rural Power Supply to implement a solar mini-grid project

In Tanzania, Jumeme Rural Power Supply announced that Bwisya village inhabitants in Ukara Island will soon have access to electricity via a solar mini-grid project.

The project is to be implemented in collaboration with international partners the European Union as well as the Energy and Environment Partnership, reports local newspaper, Daily News.

Jumeme Rural Power Supply was founded in 2014 to develop, build, own and operate rural mini-grids in Tanzania.

Thadeus Mkamwa, one of the directors at Jumme Rural Power Supply, highlighted that the aim of the project is to implement 300 systems, which will serve approximately one million village dwellers across Tanzania by 2022.

Citing the company’s statement, local media reported that the project is targeting to set up a power system, which will initially see 250 customers connected to a hybrid power station consisting of a 60 kWp solar PV system, a 33 kVA diesel genset, and a 240 kWh battery bank.

“The mini-grid in Bwisya is the first of 30 systems to be installed by Jumeme over the next two years, supplying reliable electricity to around 100,000 people,” the company stated.

Commenting on the inauguration, the district commissioner for Ukerewe, Joseph Mkirikiti, noted that the pilot project on Ukara Island was a first step towards a sustainable power supply for many of the remote communities in Tanzania that are still without access to electricity.

Jumeme Rural Power Supply to extend the project

According to the company, in the second half of this year, the system will be extended to connect other villages on the island with a total of 2,000 customers.

For the implementation of the Bwisya solar mini-grid project, Jumeme Rural Power Supply will receive additional financial aid from the Energy and Environment Partnership Programme with Southern and East Africa, Phase II.

The Daily Newspaper also reported that grants for technical assistance are to be provided by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, the Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa and the Global Climate Partnership Fund.

Babalwa Bungane
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