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Japan’s JICA funds solar power in Nigeria

The government of Japan through its Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has stated that the above mentioned funding was donated  to help upsurge Nigeria’s energy supply.

Japanese Ambassador Sadanobu Kusaoke stated this on Tuesday during the inauguration of the project in Abuja, reports local media.

Kusaoke said: “Since from 1970s, Japan has helped to finance [Nigeria’s] power sector to increase the capacity of power in Kainji dam hydro power station.

“This is the 10th project of power sector by the Japan’s government since then and this will not be our last,” he stated.

According to the media, Kusaoke repeatedly noted the importance of stable power supply to support industry and to improve economy and the lives of people.

Kusaoke explained that the project is capable of generating 1,496MWh, adding that this would result in reduction of N31.5 million ($953.82) per year for payment of the electricity bill.

JICA concerned about power infrastructure

At the inauguration ceremony, chief representative of JICA in the Nigeria office, Hirotaka Nakamura, stated that one of the agency’s priority areas was to improve core infrastructure including power sector in the country.

The media quoted Nakamura stating that by developing alternative energy resources such as solar, wind and hydropower Nigeria can boost its electricity capacity.

According to the JICA official, with the Japanese assistance, about 1.2MW of grid connected solar generation will be gained at Usman Dam Water Treatment Plant to supplement electricity supply from the national grid, the media reported.

“Following successful tests on the installed solar system, the first phase of the project with generation capacity of 975kw peak is being commissioned today.

“The second phase will bring additional 207kw peak generation to this system hopefully in January 2017,” Nakamura said.

Babalwa Bungane
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