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Innovation: Africa, a women-led initiative lighting up rural Africa

An Israeli-women led organisation, Innovation: Africa, has deployed clean power technology to African communities living off-grid, with over one million people connected to a reliable supply of power and water to date.

Innovation: Africa improving community living

Founded by Sivan Ya’ari, the organisation has delivered Israeli solar technology and agricultural equipment to communities in Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa, Ethiopia, Senegal, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The installed solar power systems are contributing to the key functioning of many communities, making refrigeration possible for healthcare facilities and grocers; learners are able to study at night and charge their mobile phones—expanding their scope for learning.

The Times of Israel reported that Israeli drip irrigation systems are significantly having an impact on the efficiency of agricultural water use, resulting in more affordable and larger crop yields.

In addition, manual pumps have been fitted, which can purify water – even sewage – to make it safe for drinking and cooking, an efficient technology that does not require  electricity.

Ya’ari told Channel 2 media in a televised interview: “When I was in the villages for the first time and witnessed the poverty and the children, I always thought of myself as a child. And even though I didn’t have much – they have nothing at all.”

Projects on the go

The organisation highlights that they employ local managers that are native to the countries in which they operate, who speak local languages and have experience working in rural settings.

According to figures released by the organisation, in Malawi there are currently 23 projects in operation, which are benefiting 319,000 people; 360,000 Ugandans are benefiting from 56 projects; and 79,000 are impacted by 13 projects in Tanzania.


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Ashley Theron
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