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HP on path to becoming 100% renewable powered

Multinational information technology company Hewlett-Packard (HP), has set the target to become 100% renewable in the future. This is a demonstration of its commitment to integrating sustainability into its core business strategy, RE100 said in a statement.

HP to drive sustainable business practice

The US-based software company is currently sourcing an estimated 13% of its global electricity consumption from renewables and plans to increase this figure to 40% by 2020.

Nate Hurst, HP’s Chief Sustainability & Social Impact Officer said in an interview: “We believe that the ICT industry has always been uniquely positioned to help lower carbon emissions across every sector.

“That includes creating products that use less energy and have a smaller carbon footprint or inventing more sustainable technologies to replace outdated, inefficient processes.

“By embracing the use of renewable electricity to power our operations — and encouraging companies in other industries to do the same — we demonstrate how, through innovation, we can drive business efficiencies and those of our customers and partners in a cleaner and more sustainable way.”

How 100% target is achieved

With a mindset to reduce work-related greenhouse gas emissions, Hurst explained that the firm systematically analysed it’s carbon footprint, set goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and reported on the actions that it had taken.

Hurst explains that HP’s approach to reaching 100% renewables will be applied through three actions: aggressively working to reduce energy consumption by enhancing existing efficiencies in it’s facilities as well as implementing energy-efficiency projects at sites, including retrofitting facilities with new LED technologies; increase the generation of onsite, cost-effective clean power; acquire or generate offsite renewable power through power purchase agreements.

The software company signed a 12-year power purchase agreement in 2015 for 112MW of wind power, which would be sufficient to power 100% of it’s Texas-based data centre operations.

“We know that using renewable electricity sources at our facilities reduces the consumption of natural resources, lowers costs, and provides a hedge against rising fossil fuel prices.

“By demonstrating the corporate demand for renewable electricity, we and the other industry leaders that are part of RE100, can help drive the creation of more renewable energy in the grid that is available to ourselves and others, including our customers and partners,” Hurst said.


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