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DIY solar pump Co provides Africans with the much needed water

Since its inception in 2012, Pumpmakers has successfully installed the DIY solar pumps in Europe and in Africa as well. The company now seeks to set up operations in Somalia, Morocco, Zambia, Cameroon and Tanzania in its mission to increase its footprint in Africa, the company explained in a statement.

DIY Solar Pump – ideal solution

DIY solarAccording to the company “a single pump system provides up to 1,000 people a day with clean drinking water.”

As the company expands its operations in Africa, it invites entrepreneurs, local companies, NGOs and individuals in need of water to register free of charge on the Pumpmakers platform, and present their company, organisation or project to a global community.

Dietmar Stuck, founder and CEO of the company, commented: “There is a huge need for safe, clean drinking water in Africa. To date, however, more than 300 thousand hand pumps are inoperative or broken. That’s why our DIY Solar Pump and the Pumpmakers [online] platform present an ideal solution.

“Project entries on our world map will provide us with the information we need to realise these projects together with our partners.”

The system operates independently

[quote]The company stated that it is also targeting to replace or equip water wells that are operating with or without water pumps, including hand pumps or diesel-powered water pumps.

Explaining how the system operates Stuck said: “Due to the fact that we only use renewable solar energy to pump water from a depth of 100 metres, our system incurs no running costs. The optional hand pump can be used for operations at night.

“More importantly, our DIY Solar Pump works independently from wind and fuel. It is the ideal substitute for conventional systems that are often too expensive or require a lot of maintenance.”

Babalwa Bungane
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