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Cups for Life: java embraces bean and solar beam

Local renewable energy firm, Energetics SA, the renewable energy arm of CHS Eco Technologies, has launched an empowerment programme aimed at dynamic South African youth.

Dubbed ‘Cups for Life’, is a programme that aims to identify, train and empower potential entrepreneurs who cannot find work or who struggle to get into the employment market, the green energy firm said in a statement.

“Within a year, if they successfully complete the training, the trailer will become theirs,” the firm said in a statement.

Adding that “it will operate on a full franchise principle where the owner will work for him/herself.  Each franchisee will appoint at least two assistants, who will be paid from the earnings of the franchise.

“The franchisee will also pay 10% of the earnings into the programme and must be willing to pass the training they have received on to new candidates, thus ‘paying it forward’.”

Cups for Life to stimulate job market

The programme will also assist in additional job creation as it requires about ten workers to create a trailer from start to finish.

Cups for Life will approach companies to advertise their business on these trailers, and, in so doing, create a snowball effect by helping to build the next trailers.

Marlene Robson, CEO of Energetics SA, explained: “Cups for Life calls on South Africans to support this worthy cause.

“Wherever you spot this bright yellow trailer, buy a cup of superior quality coffee, and know you are supporting someone who is taking responsibility for his or her future and is willing to work hard for it.”

She added: “Statistics South Africa has released figures that paint a bleak picture for young South Africans. Their Quarterly Labour Force Survey Q2: 2017 reveals the following:

“Young people aged 15-24 remain vulnerable in the labour market with an unemployment rate of almost 56% and absorption rate of 12%. Among those in this age group, 32,2% are not in employment, education or training.

“This is approximately 3,3 million young people aged 15-24 who are idle.”

According to Statistics SA’s second quarter unemployment numbers, the country has shed 113 000 jobs over that period.


Marlene Robson (Left) and Bruce Anderson (Right) with the first trailer. Source: Energetics SA

In May 2017, Energetics SA, a company run by a trio of directors, was approached by Bruce Anderson to fit a generator in his coffee trailer.

Bruce was involved in a motorcycle accident in 1982, which left him with the use of only one arm and he needed a solution to this problem.

Energetics SA engineer Josias Kearney, suggested a renewable energy system which rendered a generator redundant.

As renewable energy is noise free, it will generate power for the trailer while avoiding the need for additional power sources.

After successfully assisting Bruce, Robson came up with the idea to help other South Africans in a similar way, and, in August 2017, Cups for Life was established.


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