Power Utilities

In West Africa, an agreement between the Nigerian government and the Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) was signed last week, putting an end to about two years of power grid disconnection.

According to This Day Live, residents of Ondo South senatorial district have been without grid connectivity for twenty months due to a debt of about N1.9 billion ($9.5 million), vandalism of power installations and non-payment of bills.

[quote]But Aderotimi Adelola, secretary to the state government stated that the signing of the treaty was the first step in ensuring that power would be restored to the affected residents.

Adelola signed on behalf of the Ondo state government, while the chief state head of Ondo and Ekiti States of the BEDC, Ernest Edgar, signed on behalf of the BEDC.

The secretary implored the BEDC management to not default on the terms agreed upon and restore power to the affected communities as soon as possible.

BEDC to restore electricity distribution in April

Responding to the request, Edgar assured the state government of the preparedness of the company to restore power to the area starting with Odigbo local government district in April and the remaining local government areas in the months to follow.

Edgar also revealed that parts of the past issues that have been resolved with the state government included the payment of 50% post privatisation bills by the community, the safeguarding of power installations as well as the safety of BEDC workers operating in the areas.

Chairman of Odigbo local government area, Hon E.O. Oshati, who signed on behalf of the council, said BEDC can expect full cooperation from the members of the council.

Oshati said: “I want to assure you that our people are ready. They will surprise the BEDC with the way they will pay their bills. They are ready to protect BEDC properties in their domains and are tired of living in darkness.”