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Nigeria: Sahara Power graduate programme to revamp energy sector

In West Africa, Sahara Power, a subsidiary of Sahara Group, has stated that its Graduate Engineering Programme (GEP) is a commitment to boosting the Nigerian energy sector as the graduates will serve to replace an ageing workforce in the sector.

According to local media, Premium Times, managing director at Sahara Power, Kola Adesina, said the GEP was part of the company’s commitment to sustaining human capital development in the country’s power sector to ensure enhanced productivity.

Adesina was speaking at a strategy session under the theme: “Human Capital Development in Nigeria’s power Sector”, stating that the initiative is set to assist in addressing the hole created by an ageing workforce in the power sector.

The media reported that Adesina cited a recent report by the National Power Training Institute of Nigeria, which identified the shortage of young engineers and technical staff as a huge challenge for the sector.

The report is said to have highlighted that industry experts say about 50,000 young skilled engineers, craftsmen and fitters are required to replace the ageing workforce.

Sahara Power graduates

Premium Times reported that the GEP currently has 100 young graduate engineers from Egbin Power, Ikeja Electric and FIPL being trained by experienced Nigerian and foreign professionals under the programme being facilitated through local and overseas exchange programmes.

Adesina disclosed that the management at Sahara Power has earmarked significant funding to drive a holistic human capital policy to cater for the specific needs of all employees within the organisation.

“This is also backed by a change management process that has continued to fuel a performance driven culture among the legacy and new employees across the group,” he said.

“We are quite pleased with the impact of our policy on the work ethic and professional drive of our staff across the organisation. The legacy staff and new employees are bound by an unwavering desire to light up Nigeria by working harder and smarter in line with recent global trends.

“We will definitely set aside more funds for capacity building as we see Sahara Power as the future hub of power sector experts on the continent,” Adesina concluded.

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