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Liberia invests in power supply network

In West Africa, Liberia’s Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy has launched a development programme to assist the Liberia Electricity Cooperation (LEC) deliver power to a widespread area.

Dubbed the ‘Growing the National Grid Programme’ (GTG), it has so far generated $550 million, which will enable the electrification of 164,000 homes for 830,000 people during the first phase of the three phase project, Front Page Africa (FPA) reported.

In addition, this investment will contribute towards 100MW of renewable-generated power that will be fed directly back into the national grid.

Liberia to expand its power network

The first phase is concentrated on several on-going projects in the Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone & Guinea Interconnection project (CLSG) related electrification and grid extension around Monrovia, media reported.

Speaking at the launch of the rural energy Strategy and Master Plan in Monrovia, the Director of Rural and Renewable Energy Agency (RREA), Augustus Goanue said that in line with the Sustainable Energy for All initiative and the Sustainable Development Goals, Liberia aims to achieve the Electrification rate for the population outside of Monrovia of 10% in 2020, 20% in 2025 and 35% in 2030, FPA reported.

[quote]The Director said: “We intend to electrify outside of Monrovia more than 65,000 customers already by 2020, 140,000 by 2025 and 265,000 by 2035.

“Electrify at least 2,000 settlements with grid infrastructure (national, decentralised or mini grids) connecting at least 50% of those settlements’ population by 2030.”

Four phase project

According to Goanue, the first phase of the programme is the Monrovia corridors electrification initiative, which aims to extend the extension of Monrovia’s existing network to the west, north and east of the Capital.

Phase two of the project is the Gbarnga corridors electrification initiative, which aims to promote the extension of the national network from the future substation of Gbarnga, which according to media is due to its prime positioning for the future grid expansion.

“It is located near a proposed future switching station of the CLSG and can allow the extension of the grid to support the densification of distribution in Nimba County and, in the long term, the interconnection of the Lofa and Zwedru Decentralised grids to the National Grid,” FPA explained.

Goanue added that the fourth phase of the GTG initiative includes the launch of the procurement of renewable on-grid generation based on solar, biomass or mini-hydro.




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