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‘Hawk Eye’ to keep watch over Nigerian power network

In West Africa, Nigerian distribution companies have recently announced the implementation of a new digital system, ‘Hawk Eye’, that will monitor and detect any criminal activity concerning its network distribution assets.

The online system, developed by a Lagos-based technology firm Web Assets Nigeria, which, according to the firm, could help the distribution companies (discos) overcome the high rate of infrastructure vandalism, as well as theft of electricity and equipment in their networks, Nigeria Today reported.

Hawk Eye pilot run

According to the Chairman of the tech firm, Kayode Aladesuyi, electricity users will have the ability to record criminal activity in real-time via their mobile phones and upload activity directly onto the security app.

Aladesuyi said that in addition to combating crime, customers can use this platform for all customer service queries and complaints.

Nigeria Today reported that the system was first implemented in Abuja, “and would be expected to run on the platforms of Abuja and Eko Discos first before its potential massive deployment to other discos.”

“We are excited to launch this project with Eko Electricity and Abuja Electricity as part of our beta. The industry needs user support to arrest the issue of power shortage.

“Close to 30% of power shortage in the country is due to utility theft, vandalism against power infrastructure,” Aladesuyi said.

He added: “For most customers complaining about utility rates, they should keep an eagle eye on [their] neighbours illegally tapping into utility poles. This is a chance for each of us to key into the present administration’s change agenda to upturn our security alertness.”


Image source: Wikimedia Commons

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