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Solar mini-grids

Partnership delivers solar mini-grids to Nigerian rural communities

Renewvia Energy Corporation has partnered with All On to deploy solar mini-grids to rural communities unserved by conventional utilities in the Niger Delta.

“Mini-grids can electrify thousands of health centres in sub-Saharan Africa”

AMDA's CEO explains why mini-grid companies are "like the Amazons and Teslas of the energy sector", figuring out how to create 600-million new customers.

West Africa: Call for consultants to vie for WAPP NorthCore Project

Benin, Burkina Faso and Niger seeks consultants for updating inventories and censuses in the right-of-way planned for lines and substations under the WAPP NorthCore Project, deadline for submissions is 20 June 2020.

Off-grid solar industry reflects on gains before COVID-19

Off-grid solar solutions are critical for the welfare of poor and rural households in East Africa, West Africa and Southern Asia, underlines a new report issued by GOGLA.
West Africa

West Africa: Hydro to support solar and wind in smart renewable...

The Smart Renewable Electricity Portfolios in West Africa study explores hydropower's support of intermittent solar and wind in a climate-friendly manner.
free basic electricity

Liberia embarks on a cost-reflective electricity pricing study

In efforts to attaining cost-reflective electricity pricing, the Liberia Electricity Regulatory Commission has begun a Cost of Service Study.
Nigeria Siemens

Nigeria: FG pushes conclusion of the electricity deal with Siemens

The federal government (FG) of Nigeria has directed several ministries to conclude the engagement with Siemens to commence the pre-engineering and concessionary...

Singrobo hydropower project to deliver electricity under a 35-year PPA

Power company Themis Group announced it has issued a Full Notice to Proceed with construction of the 44MW Singrobo Hydropower Project, in Ivory Coast.

Nigeria: Developer concludes financing for a LNG processing unit

Shell has announced that all conditions for its Final Investment Decision on a new liquefied natural gas processing unit at Nigeria LNG (NLNG) have been met
The Gambia

The Gambia wins World Bank aid to reform the energy sector

The World Bank has approved a $30 million grant to help The Gambia to improve financial viability and service delivery in the energy and telecom sectors.

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