Based on its recent analysis of the dry sanitation industry, Frost & Sullivan has recognised Enviro Loo with the 2017 Southern African Company of the Year Award.

Enviro Loo created a sustainable sanitation solution with no reliance on stretched water resources and eliminates pollution on the surrounding landscape through its zero-discharge system. One such toilet can save between 300,000 to 650,000 litres of water annually.

Laura Caetano, a research analyst at Frost & Sullivan, said: “There is an ongoing sanitation crisis in the Southern African region, with groundwater contamination causing serious health fatalities on a daily basis. Furthermore, potable water is still often used for sanitation purposes, exacerbating already severe water shortages.” Read more on Cape Town: “Day Zero” inches closer as water crisis worsens

“Enviro Loo’s dry sanitation toilet system is a waterless, zero-discharge system that addresses these problems and can be deployed in rural and less-developed areas where such large-scale sanitation solutions are desperately required,” explained Caetano.

How the waterless toilet operates

The containerised waterless toilet functions through an evaporation and dehydration process, and requires no pipes, drainage or flushing system. This provides communities with access to dignified, safe and effective sanitation.

More than that, the company’s business model engages the community by furthering job creation through employing and training selected community members to service and maintain the units.

These community members are supplied with mobile phones and the apparatus required to maintain locally installed systems.

The company has developed the Loo Solve app, which provides a maintenance schedule, buyer information, GPS location of each system, and a live asset management tracking tool to access information about the installed systems at any time.

Workers are required to take photos of each system and complete a maintenance checklist while at each location. As part of its bottom-up approach, the company uses a social facilitation team to achieve community buy-in into the technology.

“Enviro Loo has developed a visionary product that highlights a potential future where water-borne sewage processing systems – and all their incumbent issues – are no longer the norm. The company now has over 150,000 units installed in 52 countries, and has allowed more than 2 million people to contribute to the socioeconomic development of their communities,” Caetano said.


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