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Unique webinar for water professionals, business owners and large water users.

Operating a business without water is an unfathomable thought; however, a very real reality for the industries, agribusiness and commercial operations in and around Cape Town.

ESI Africa is hosting a live free-to-attend webinar discussion on Thursday, 8 March 2018, addressing the current water situation in the City of Cape Town, South Africa and the available technologies, strategies and solutions, to overcome the challenge.

“The looming Day Zero is not endemic to the City as other areas in South Africa and globally are experiencing drought conditions,” says Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl editor of ESI Africa. “What is unique is that if Cape Town does in fact reach Day Zero – the day when taps are turned off – it will be the first major city world-wide to have reached this unimaginable point of no return. The resulting economic impact as agri-business, construction industry, smelters and commercial concerns grind to a halt will be catastrophic.”

She adds: “it is imperative that we find alternative means to manage and replenish our water sources, whether this is from groundwater supplies or reducing waste of potable water in the reticulation system – suitable technologies must be explored.”

“With the one-hour webinar on 8 March, we will gather large water consumers, water sector professionals, owners of businesses that use water as its main revenue driver, or public sector water professionals to share and gain greater insight into current plans to increase bulk water supply; and what technology solutions are available to implement in their businesses to support water best practice. It is also an opportunity to ask our expert presenters real-time questions.”

“Among the concerns raised are the impact this has on commerce and industry, and national plans going forward to better manage bulk water supply,” states Pombo-van Zyl adding that through this webinar global cities and major industrial hubs can learn from Cape Town’s current predicament.

The webinar, which provides a platform for discussion is the “ideal virtual space to connect the dots between policy, strategy and technology, and to discover innovative practices in water management,” says Pombo-van Zyl.

Working with the annual African Utility Week conference, and as its official host media publication, ESI Africa is aligned in the message that Cape Town remains open for business. The event will have a strong focus on water with the conference showcasing how partnerships, financial models and latest technological advances can make the greatest impact in meeting Africa’s water demand.

“As a major event in the City, African Utility Week plays a crucial role in contributing towards the in-ward bound travel market,” says the event director Evan Schiff, “by holding the event as planned, African Utility Week will continue to support the Cape Town economy as we cannot allow for there to be massive job losses on top of a water constrained situation.”

Who should attend?
If you are a large water consumer, a professional in the water sector, own a business that uses water as its main revenue driver, or are a public sector water professional – this one-hour webinar on 8 March is for you.

Webinar discussion points:

  • Desalination technology solutions
  • Temporary and permanent solutions
  • Impact of drought on commerce
  • Water-saving reticulation methods
  • Strategy and the way forward

 The online-based event is organised by ESI Africa, a leading B2B publication within the power and energy sectors. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, ESI Africa delivers high quality technical and trending information to both a print and online audience.  Having hosted a number of successful webinars covering an array of topics from nuclear, renewables and tariffs, water is the latest edition to a very dynamic product offering.

Webinar details:
Webinar date and time: Thursday, 08 March 2018, 15h00 CEST
Online Event registration: https://goto.webcasts.com/starthere.jsp?ei=1179382&tp_key=000ea8346a

Media liaison:

ESI Africa: Senior content creator| Ashley Theron-Ord

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