Photo: Don Taylor, Chairman, STS Association

The Standard Transfer Specification (STS) Association has issued an important notice to all users of STS meters – The token identifiers (TID) used to identify each credit token will run out of available numbers in November 2024, at which point all STS meters will stop accepting credit tokens.

The remedy is to visit each meter and enter a special set of key change tokens in order to reset the meter memory.

Utilities are urged to take the following actions as soon as possible:

1) Update all vending systems to STS Edition 2;

2) Ensure that all point of sale terminals are able to issue STS key change tokens;

3) Determine which meters were certified prior to 2012 and have them retested;

4) Formulate a program, by which the key change tokens can be distributed to each meter. Either by using a dedicated field team or having the consumers enter the tokens;

5) Inform the consumer population as to exactly what they can expect to happen according to the TID Rollover program formulated in 4);

6) As soon as the vending system has been upgraded to STS Edition 2, then instruct meter vendors to code all new meters to base date 2014. These meters will then not be affected by the 2024 TID rollover.

The STS Association has formed a special task team who will be available to assist and guide the users with this program. Users will be notified as soon as the necessary support infrastructure is ready for use.