Featured image: Eskom
“Cape Town needs to cut a deal with Eskom for more affordable desalination,” says independent energy expert Ted Blom on explosive energy week in South Africa.

ESI Africa editor Nicolette Pombo-Van Zyl speaks with independent energy expert Ted Blom, speaker and advisory board member at African Utility Week in Cape Town in May 2018.

Blom shares his views on several developments this week in the energy sector including the appointment of the new Eskom board, where he expressed encouragement of the new appointments; however, he highlighted that only one of the new appointees has energy experience, Dr Rod Crompton.

Crompton had served as a regulator member of petroleum at Nersa for 11 years. Read more…

“I don’t expect wonders from the new Board, it is going to take them quite a while to get acquainted with the sector and an even longer while to get acquainted with Eskom’s enormous problems.”

Blom stated that he is giving the new appointees the benefit of the doubt and hopes that they will live up to the mark.

In addition, during the interview he gives his input into the appearance of two Eskom executives before the Parliamentary inquiry, Brian Molefe’s court judgement, and Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement at the World Economic Forum that South African can ill-afford nuclear power.

Blom ends the interview with thought-provoking commentary on Cape Town’s water crisis, suggesting that Eskom should offer reduced tariffs to power the City’s desalination plants.

Listen to the full interview below.



Featured image: Eskom