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Coal waste fired power plant for Zimbabwe

In southern Africa, the Zimbabwean coal company, Hwange Colliery Company is planning to develop a 1,000MW coal waste-fired power plant to address the power deficit within the SADC region, reports the Herald.

It is reported that the project was supposed to have commenced in December 2015. Hwange explained that the date was revised to the first quarter of this year to allow for completion of the Environmental Impact Assessment.

“Grid impact studies have been completed for the 375 kilometre Hwange Insukamini evacuation line for regional connection. CAR has started work on 1 x 20MW CBM pilot plant and 1 x 25MW advanced coal fines carbonification plant,” Co-Ash Resources (CAR) stated.

Coal waste-fired power plant to boost SADC power supply

According to the media, CAR said it has positioned itself firmly as the leading private Independent Power Producer (IPP) service provider for electricity supply capacity building, supporting Zimbabwe’s Zim-Asset as well as the Southern Africa Power Pool independent power producer’s SADC governmental mandate.

It is reported that the consortium has also completed a feasibility study with Group Five, Hatch, GE and Alter NRG on a $6 million upfront investment to confirm the technical and base framework for the implementation of a 250MW integrated plasma gasification combined cycle power plant.

CAR is the project developer in partnership with Hwange Colliery, Transmission Grid EPC partner Grupo ACS, technical preferred partners GE, Westinghouse Plasma Corporation, Hatch-Goba, Emprotec and Group Five.

Smarter technologies

According to CAR, Africa needs smarter technologies to bridge the emerging market gaps faster and catch up with its needs when it comes to energy consumption.

Gas and induction plasma technologies applied to electricity generation are said will contribute to start this accelerated development and alleviate electricity supply shortage in a short period.

According to reports, CAR stated that it has engaged into an agreement with the coal company and Discovery Investments to utilise coal bed/mine methane and coal fines as well as other hazardous waste streams to provide a mixture of gas resource-based business opportunities authorised on Zimbabwe’s current licensing legislative framework at Hwange Colliery.


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