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energy transition

What will kick-start SA’s transition to a low-carbon economy?

South Africa has initiated a transition to a more sustainable development path that means moving towards a low-carbon economy.
Old Mutual

Old Mutual raises its stake in Namibia’s renewable energy market

The 5MW plant commenced commercial operations in 2017, and supplies power to NamPower under a long-term power purchase agreement as part of the Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariff (REFIT) programme.
Predictions 2021: Part five, more financial flows for clean energy

World Bank to finance electrification investments in Angola

The World Bank has approved $250 million to improve and increase electricity access in selected cities of Angola.
Grand Inga

Op-ed: South Africans cannot afford hydropower from Inga 3

Pursuing Inga 3 will be much more expensive for South Africa compared to domestic wind and solar generation, writes the International Rivers.
fibre infrastructure

Space-age set to soar with roads, power and fibre infrastructure

In partnership with OptiPower, Concor has been awarded an infrastructure project that will allow the addition of 24 dishes to the 64-dish MeerKAT radio telescope in South Africa.
nuclear waste disposal

SA taxpayers exposed to nuclear waste disposal and decommissioning liabilities

The NRWDI in South Africa confirmed that "not one Rand has been put into the proposed [nuclear waste disposal] fund..." writes Chris Yelland.

Top four risks of doing business in South Africa in 2021

Unemployment, profound social instability, and water crisis are some of the risks noted in the WEF Global Risk Report for doing business in South Africa.

Shoprite expands its rooftop and refrigeration solar PV project

The Shoprite Group now generates enough electricity to power over 1,100 households (12,300MWh of electricity) a year from solar energy.

SALT using the sun to see the stars

While the South African Astronomical Observatory and Southern African Large Telescope (SALT) operations are of significant international importance, they are also costly to run and maintain.

Trans-Africa Projects new website launch

Trans-Africa Projects (TAP), a specialist High Voltage Services consulting company, invites you to visit their newly launched website.

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