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Egypt to create the Middle East’s first-ever smart grid

State-owned Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC) will transform its electricity grid into a smart grid with the help of Schneider Electric.

Tensions rise as Grand Ethiopian Renaissance reservoir fills

Ethiopia denies reports of the GERD reservoir being filled even though satellite images show a steady increase in the amount of water being held back by the new mega-dam.
Egypt renewables

How Egypt banks on renewables to meet likely energy demand surge

Egypt wants to use renewables to meet a soaring energy demand. This could turn the North African country into an energy pioneer but are its plans realistic?
North Africa

North Africa: Economic growth negatively impacted by COVID-19

According to North Africa Economic Outlook report, the rapidity with which economic and other restrictions are being lifted in the region are raising uncertainty.
pre-paid meters

IFC aids Egyptian smart digital meters installation growth

IFC is investing up to $10 million in a local Egyptian company to help it expand installation of digital prepaid and smart electricity meters.

Ed’s note: Profiling Sudan: From oil giant to silent solar power...

Vulnerability to desertification and climate change has driven the need for Sudan to scale up solar photovoltaic projects in the coming years.
Solar Lab

Sudan’s first ‘Solar Lab’ to provide quality-assured technology

The core function of the Solar Lab is to ensure the quality and longevity of imported solar systems and to support Sudan’s solar revolution.
Sierra Leone power

Battery rental project delivers affordable energy in Sierra Leone

The collaboration has produced pay-per-charge smart battery packs to address the lack of grid electricity in the country.
ministerial recommendations

Key recommendations from the June Africa ministerial roundtable

African Ministerial Roundtable participants stressed a number of recommendations, which will help guide and inform the IEA’s increasing efforts in Africa.
Ministerial Roundtable

Ministerial Roundtable: Energy’s vital role in response to crises

The chair of the African Ministerial Roundtable summarises the discussion that took place via videoconference with high level global attendees.

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