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Egypt’s Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Mohamed Shaker, aims to position the country as a regional hub for electricity transfer and circulation in 2018.

Due to the country doubling its production capacity and increased transmission and distribution projects, it will be in a position to export any excess in the next year, Daily News Egypt reported.

According to Shaker, the ministry has tended to all consumer needs and is working on improving the quality of produced power. Read more…

The electric surplus would be exported to a number of countries, including Jordan, Libya, and Saudi Arabia, as well as some African countries, media reported.

Enabling easier access

The Minister noted that the ministry is has tabled the idea to restructure solar energy tariffs for projects with a capacity less than 500kW. Read more…

According to Daily News Egypt, he noted that the current solar energy tariff was issued before the liberalisation of the exchange rate, so it requires adjustment.

He added that the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC) cooperates with the ministries of military production and petroleum to establish a new maintenance company for power plants in 2018, media noted.

“The Ministry of Electricity aims to increase local inputs in electricity production projects and plans to localise the maintenance process of power plants, rather than relying on foreign companies that cost the ministry a lot of money,” Daily News Egypt reported.


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