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Egypt: Chinese firm to complete transmission network expansion in September

In North Africa, Chinese firm State Grid is gearing up to complete the construction of transmission lines spanning 800km in Egypt next month.

According to sources with the Ministry of Electricity, the lines and electric cables implemented by the Chinese company are part of the country’s network expansion plan, Daily News Egypt reported.

Media noted that the ministry seeks to transfer the generated power without any interruptions or breakdowns and strengthen the national electricity network to accommodate loads.

Egypt expands transmission network

The sources revealed that the Tama—Tahta line and the National Cement Co. extending over 520kms, as well as Magagah line of 47kms, Itay El Baroud line of 110km, the New Administrative Capital of 10kms, the industrial zone in Beni Suef line of 30kms, and Eastern Assiut line of 85kms, are all underway, Daily News Egypt reported.

“The sources pointed out that the Banha-Sammanod line is seeing some problems that are currently being solved, especially as the armed forces requested certain security controls that must be adhered to and then being constructing the lines.

“Adding that the Borollos-Sammanoud line has been inaugurated and currently transmitting energy along 120kms. The electricity will later be transmitted across the remaining units next month,” Daily News Egypt reported.

Investment and support

According to the sources, El Sewedy Electric company will carry out implementation of two lines: ithe city of Akhmim in Sohag, and the second connection line between Akhmim area and the east of Qena. the General Company for Contracting (NCC) will implement the lines in East Qena and Nag Hammadi.

The sources said that the plan to strengthen the transport network began to transmit the loads to face the expected capacities through developing the existing lines and expand the network and upgrade its equipments, media reported.

“The ministry has contracted on the establishment of 1,210kms of aerial lines of Ultra high voltage with the Chinese State Grid,” Daily News Egypt noted.

“Gaber El Desouky, the chairperson of the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC) has said in previous remarks that the company is preparing the studies of implementing a series of new lines on high and ultra high voltage to transmit the capacities expected to come online from coal fuelled plants in the Red Sea region, or the nuclear plant on the Mediterranean coastal line, as well as the clean energy projects from solar power plants and wind farms in South Valley and the Red Sea areas,” Daily News Egypt reported.

The media added: “He explained that all investments and all support will be directed to the development of the national network to contribute to the stability of the network during the summer months and curb the emergence of power cuts to meet all needs of electricity.” Read more…


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