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Four countries to partake in 2018 Reverse Trade Mission

The US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) has selected event firms, Experient, and Skipping Stone to manage a Reverse Trade Mission (RTM) on electricity smart grid solutions.

The RTM will be conducted from February 26 to March 7, for a delegation of senior executives from electric distribution utilities, project developers and government decision makers from Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Kenya.

The RTM will include visits to Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Georgia and Houston cities to have energy stakeholders from the four countries acquire knowledge from the US energy landscape.

Energy woes

Stakeholders from the four countries will connect with US smart grid solution providers to identify measures to  address challenges within their energy segments.

The four countries will acquire knowledge on how to expand their generation capacity including intermittent sources like wind and solar to secure energy supply.

The initiative is also expected to help the four countries accelerate projects to connect underserved segments of their population to modern sources of electricity.

Chip Smith, vice president of government affairs at Experient, said:  “Access to reliable, cost effective and sustainable electric power is the cornerstone of economic development in any economy.

“USTDA as part of the US Power Africa initiative, is taking a leadership role in connecting US Smart Grid suppliers with projects to modernise the electricity grid in cities in Sub Saharan Africa and to bring microgrid solutions to remote areas in countries in Eastern Africa.”

Ross Malme, Skipping Stone Partner, added: “This will be the ninth RTM in which we have partnered with USTDA and Experient over the last several years.

“We will be emphasising the U.S. leadership in renewable power generation, microgrid solutions, including solar PV integrated with energy storage, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), grid monitoring and relay protection and big data solutions.”

The RTM is part of continued efforts by the USTDA to generate $95 in US exports from every dollar acquired from taxpayers.


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