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Ed’s Note: Finding solace in the new world order of virtual...

The hubbub of manufacturing and commerce might be dulled but through increased inbound virtual traffic ‘noise’ you can still go about finding solace.

COVID-19 will thwart the energy transition without urgent stakeholder action

The coronavirus risks cancelling out recent progress in transitioning to clean energy, with unprecedented falls in demand, price volatility and pressure to quickly mitigate socioeconomic costs.
Ruzizi IV Hydropower Project

Can seasonal pumped hydropower storage fulfil energy and H2O needs?

Does energy storage in the form of pumped hydropower storage (PHS) have the potential to achieve the Paris Agreement goals?

Trading up in Africa!

The French and Taiwanese country pavilions are amongst several international exhibitions at this year's African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa in November.

Making every drop count in hydropower generation

Africa's installed hydropower capacity is expected to grow by 4,700MW over the next two to three years according to IHA's 2019 Hydropower Status Report.
Middle East energy

Clean energy technologies will require more minerals, says report

A World Bank report looks at clean energy transition and provides a data-driven tool for understanding how this shift will impact future mineral demand.

Twitter engages with top 10 solar power influencers in Q1 2020

An analysis of GlobalData’s Solar Power Influencer Platform, has revealed the Top 10 solar power influencers voicing their views and opinions.

What’s all the rave about advanced metering infrastructure?

Advanced metering infrastructure is considered to be a key element of grid modernisation, taking the power and energy industry to new heights.
grid architecture

Laying the foundation for next-gen grid architecture

Grid architecture is a top-down approach to understanding and documenting the complex structures and interdependencies of electric power systems.
energy planning

Strategic energy planning in SSA is essential but is often constrained

Strategic energy planning is an essential part of policy and investment decision-making in the energy sector, writes Simon Trace, EEG programme director.

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