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environmental product declaration certificate

UL awards Trina Solar with environmental product declaration certificate

The environmental product declaration certificate discloses products' life cycle environmental impact and helps PV plant owners and investors to identify sustainable products.
liquid air energy storage

JCG invests $13m in liquid air long-duration energy storage

An African-founded conglomerate, Janus Continental Group (JCG), announced its investment of $13 million in a UK developer of liquid air long-duration energy storage systems, Highview Enterprises.
Natural gas supply

Carbon-neutral or green LNG: A pathway towards energy transition

The demand for LNG is expected to rise by 50% in 2050 and top LNG producers, traders, and consumers have indicated their plans to decarbonise the LNG supply chain.
energy access

Ed’s note: Stop pushing negative messaging on Africa’s energy access crisis

Statistics for the power industry abound but can blind us from the truth of Africa's energy access crisis with one stat in particular standing out.

Webinar 11 Mar: TID Rollover | The Time Is Now

Join ESI Africa and the STS Association in this live discussion, which will detail the TID Rollover process, the risk associated with the TID rollover and available support to successfully implement the TID Rollover.
fossil fuel emissions

Focus on net zero philosophy still not translating to real action

Within the G20, South Africa is 20th on the list of countries when tracking how countries are decarbonising their economy.
JA Solar PV module

US agency recognises JA Solar in its PV Module Index Report...

JA Solar is one of the three module manufacturers to win this recognition where manufacturers selected as a high achiever by RETC have to tick off all the checkboxes, not just the best in one category.
$15m earmarked for clean energy generation in sub-Saharan Africa

The role of sustainable hydropower in the world’s green recovery

Are we moving quickly enough to build the hydropower capacity needed to support the energy transition? The answer is no, according to experts.

UL grants ERG first wind turbine lifetime extension certificate

Attaining a lifetime extension certificate for wind turbines helps advance the ongoing safe operation of clean, sustainable energy generation.
trade hub

BNEF: Renewable energy investment in 2020 beats previous year by 9%

An analysis on ‘energy transition investment’ by BNEF, shows that the world committed a record $501.3 billion to decarbonisation in 2020.

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