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New laser system to make wastewater eco-friendly

Wastewater will soon become cleaner and less harmful to plants and animals once a prototype that detect toxic substances is introduced to the market.

Renewable solutions to end energy deficiency

In this article, which first appeared in the Africa Energy Forum’s official publication, Africa Energy Yearbook 2020, three power and energy professionals talk openly about power shortages and their views on renewable energy as a trending solution.
25x25 MacArthur

Innovate UK in search of innovators tackling energy poverty

Innovate UK is offering $26 million to innovative solutions that are tackling energy poverty by providing clean energy in developing nations.
Gas flaring

Worst global gas flaring since 2009, reveals World Bank

According to the World Bank, data suggests that gas flaring continues to be a problem, while solutions remain difficult or uneconomic in certain countries.
smart grid

Training to work on a smart grids just got smarter

The Polytechnic University of Milan, collaborating with the Enel Group, has launched a second level international Specialising Master dedicated to training experts in Smart Grids.

Why catalysing innovation is needed to power Africa

Nicola Lazenby, who leads the Energy Catalyst Programme at Innovate UK, talks about the role of innovation in accelerating energy access.
solar cell

JinkoSolar’s solar cell sets record high efficiency of 24.79%

JinkoSolar has claimed a world record of 24.79% for a large-size, contact-passivated solar cell. A new benchmark from the record by almost 0.6%.

Op-ed: Bold action required to build back better for post-COVID-19

The disruption caused by COVID-19 has shown the impact modern society has on the environment with reports of nature reclaiming our cities.

Cummins addresses sustainability in annual report

Cummins releases 2019 Sustainability Progress Report and special report on the impact of Covid-19 in 2020.

Carbon emissions: Balancing development with environmental concerns

Dr Tony Surridge, the general manager for Cleaner Fossil Fuels at SANEDI in South Africa unpacks some of the guidelines that can be employed to control carbon emissions.

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