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Landmark deal could help UK reach its renewable energy goals

[img:June%202%202008%20Pic%2033_0.jpg| ]London, England --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 07 July 2011 - A landmark deal reached this week to tap Irish offshore wind could spur new development while helping Great Britain meet its renewable energy goals.

Ministers from the British Isles, Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man have signed the “All Islands Approach.” According to a press release issued by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, the deal was reached to encourage developers to exploit commercial opportunities for generation and transmission; to facilitate exploitation of the renewable energy resources; and to increase integration into nearby markets.

AIE to trade on Frankfurt Bourse

[img:African%20g_0.JPG|AIE geothermal plant
‒ the company now plans
to build one in East Africa
]Johannesburg, South Africa --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 06 July 2011 - African International Energy Plc (AIE) ‒ a South African-based investor in energy projects on the African continent ‒ has revealed that its shares will start trading at 0.50 euro’s (US$0.72) each on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange by Friday of this week.

Most interest in hydro-power in more than 40 years

[img:Energy%20w_0.jpg|Hydro-power ‒ attracting
most interest in 50 years
]Washington D.C., United States --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 06 July 2011 - The almost 600 hydropower professionals who attended the National Hydropower Association’s 2011 Conference were in agreement that this much interest in building more hydro capacity had not been seen since the hydropower boom of the late ’70s.

African leaders plan to launch green fund

[img:Green%20w_0.jpg|COP17 ‒ to be held
in South Africa
in November
]Malabo, Equatorial Guinea --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 05 July 2011 - African leaders are planning to launch a fund this year for the purpose of helping the continent access and manage its share of the money that it receives from the global U.N. Green Climate Fund.

Reuters reports that climate negotiators have yet to establish the Green Climate Fund, which the United Nations wants to be able to deliver US$100 billion a year by 2020. The idea of the fund was one of the few agreements to come out stalled climate talks in 2009.

EU acts against abuse in energy trading

[img:EU%20bu_0.jpg|The European Union
headquarters in
]Brussels, Belgium --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 29 June 2011 - The governments of the European Union have struck a provisional agreement on preventing market abuse in energy trading.

A statement to this effect from Hungary ‒ which currently holds the EU's rotating presidency ‒ was released here by the Union. “The proposed regulation sets up a framework for monitoring wholesale energy markets in order to detect market abuse and manipulation, thereby ensuring the integrity and transparency of those markets,” it said.

European power future prices too low to justify new plants

[img:Germans%20r_0.jpg|RWE ‒ says gas-fired
plants are not warranted
]Berlin, Germany --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 29 June 2011 - European power futures prices are too low to justify construction of the new gas-fired power plants that have become necessary in the wake of the German government’s decision to exit from nuclear energy.

“The market does not warrant investments in gas-to-power stations,” said RWE's strategy chief Leonard Birnbaum to reporters during the energy industry lobby at BDEW's annual congress here.

Tokyo Electric wins backing to keep nuclear reactors

[img:Tepco%20-%20Pic%201_0.jpg|One of the 35 out of
54 Japanese nuclear
reactors that have
been shut down
]Tokyo, Japan --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 28 June 2011 - The utility at the heart of Japan's nuclear crisis, Tokyo Electric Power Company, has won institutional shareholder backing to keep its reactors in the face of anger from rank-and-file stockholders seeking an end to nuclear energy.

Fukushima parents demand protection for their children

[img:Compensation%20-%20Pic%201_0.jpg|The stricken
Fukushima nuclear
]Fukushima, Japan --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 28 June 2011 - Angry parents of children in Japan's Fukushima city are demanding protection from radiation for their children more than three months after a massive quake and tsunami triggered the worst nuclear disaster in 25 years.

“We want our lives back, we want to live like before the quake in happy families,” said Hiroko Sato who marched in heavy rain with her nephews, age 3 and 7, next to banners saying “No Nukes” and “One Fukushima is Enough.”

Australia to build two major solar power stations

[img:Solar%20s_0.jpg|Artist’s impression
of a grid-connected
solar power installation
]Queensland, Australia --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 27 June 2011 - The Australian government has selected two of the four large-scale projects that make up the cornerstone of its aggressive effort to produce a total of 1,000 megawatts (MW) of solar power capacity.

Solar Dawn and Moree Solar Farm are part of the Solar Flagships programme’s US$1.5 billion infusion to create grid-connected solar power stations in Australia using CSP and PV technologies. Once complete, the two projects they selected will be among the world’s largest for their respective technologies.

Protestors demand France’s oldest nuclear plant close down

[img:Protest%20ba_0.jpg|The Fessenheim
nuclear plant ‒ the
oldest one in France
]Fessenheim, France --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 27 June 2011 - Thousands of demonstrators formed a human chain outside France's oldest nuclear power plant yesterday to demand that the site be closed down, as the French government continues to consider whether or not to extend its life by a decade.

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