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Chile struck by massive power blackout

Santiago, Chile --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 26 September 2011 - A massive power blackout darkened vast swaths of Chile, including the capital city, over the weekend, and also paralysed crucial copper mines in the country before energy started to be restored.

China and India to lead global surge in energy demand

[img:Report%20-%20Pic%201_0.jpg| ]Washington D.C., United States --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 26 September 2011 - China and India are expected to lead the global surge in energy demand over the next two-plus decades, and while renewable energy is expected to grab a growing share of that mix, fossil fuels will still dominate world consumption by 2035.

The World Energy Outlook of 2011, released here by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, updates its projections for current markets through 2035, though it does not factor in potential changes in policy. For renewable energy, its future capacity is expected to be greatly determined by existing and future policies for economic giants and developing nations alike.

Camco to expand its presence in Africa

[img:Camco%20-%20Pic%201_0.jpg|Installing solar
power in Tanzania
]London England --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 23 September 2011 - Clean energy developer Camco International Limited is aiming to expand its presence in Africa as demand for clean energy projects across the continent continues to grow, according to company president Yariv Cohen.

The UK-based firm develops clean energy projects under the U.N.'s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), receiving offsets called certified emissions reductions (CER’s) in return.

Total to partner with British and American oil firms in Kenya

[img:Total%20co_0.jpg|Striking sunset shot
of a Cove Energy
offshore rig ‒ already
drilling off the Mozambican,
Kenyan and Tanzanian coasts
]London, England --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 22 September 2011 - French oil giant Total is to partner with U.S. oil firm Anadarko and Britain's Cove Energy in Kenya, in a sign that the oil majors are starting to see the potential for a new oil and gas region off the coast of East Africa.

Masdar shelves world’s first solar building to export power

[img:solar_0.JPG| ]Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 21 September 2011 - The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology has shelved plans for the world’s first building that would make more energy than it consumed, a year after the financial crisis had forced the company to step back from setting up the first carbon-neutral city.

The state-owned company said it was evaluating a different design for its headquarters than the one selected in 2008 from Chicago-based Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill Architecture for a 100,000sq m structure equipped with enough solar panels to cover four soccer fields.

Global petroleum use will keep growing

[img:Oil%20-%20P_3.jpg|Giant oil refinery
‒ the demand for its
product keeps growing
]Washington DC, United States --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 21 September 2011 - Despite rising oil prices, global petroleum use is expected to grow more strongly over the next two decades than previously estimated, according to the U.S. government.

“World oil demand is expected to climb to 112.2 million barrels per day in 2035, up 1.4% from a previous estimate, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) said in its annual international energy outlook published here.

Need for joint European nuclear action underlined

[img:Nuclear%20th_0.jpg|Polish economy
minister Waldemar
]Wroclaw, Poland --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 20 September 2011 - Plans by Germany and other European Union states to abandon nuclear power because of fears stirred by the latest disaster in Japan, reinforce the need for joint action and magnify the bloc's problems over security of energy supply.

So says a document, seen by Reuters, which is the latest text from the European Commission to urge all 27 member nations to put collective energy needs above domestic agendas. It could rile countries such as Germany, which has unilaterally decided to phase out all its atomic plants by 2022. And Italy, which has voted to ban nuclear power for decades.

Areva temporarily shuts down two uranium plants

[img:Areva%20rb_0.jpg|One of Areva’s uranium
conversion plants ‒ two
to be shut down
]Paris, France --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 16 September 2011 - French nuclear group Areva has announced that it is to temporarily shut down two uranium conversion plants in France during November and December.

“The temporary shutdown of the two plants, which employ around 570 staff, comes after a sharp fall in orders from Japanese nuclear power producers in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster,” said a spokeswoman at Areva.

EU may scrap energy, water and transport subsidies

[img:EU%20-%20Pic%201_0.jpg|European Union
headquarters in
]Brussels, Belgium --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 15 September 2011 - European Union (EU) policymakers may scrap subsidies for energy, water and transport and impose new taxes in a move designed to cut the bloc's use of limited resources, a draft document seen by Reuters shows.

A roadmap to be unveiled by the EU's executive commission next week will lay out the executive's thinking on targets and policy proposals for the EU to use resources more efficiently, as the bloc struggles to ensure security of supply for energy and other raw materials.

Eskom claims SA power tariffs are low

[img:Assesment2.thumbnail.jpg|Power supply ‒
Eskom says its
tariffs are still low
]Johannesburg, South Africa --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 15 September 2011 - Despite the fact that South Africa is the only developing country in the world’s top 15 states in terms of electricity pricing, national power utility Eskom’s customer services head Tsholofelo Molefe claims its tariffs are still low.

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