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solar world record

New solar world record reaches conversion efficiency of 23.01%

JinkoSolar's N-Type solar panels hit a record-high conversion efficiency of 23.01%, breaking the previous world record of 22.39% set by JinkoSolar themselves in January 2020.
Wyndham City

Wyndham City lays the foundation for its smart city future with...

To prepare its foundational back-office solutions for this data-enriched future, Wyndham City turned to Oracle to deliver an enterprise platform for next-gen operations.
COP26: Developed nations urged to provide $100bn for energy transition

IRENA to set the course for global energy transition commitments

IRENA's Eleventh Assembly will get underway from 18-21 January setting the course for global commitments to low-carbon development.

Energy system planning must include research into health says EEG

COVID-19 is further highlighting the relationship between reliable, adequately functioning power systems and resilience, and is likely to reveal new issues to consider in future energy system planning, operation and maintenance in developing countries.
fossil fuel emissions

IEA warns methane emissions resurgence imminent

Global methane emissions from the oil and gas industry fell by about 10% in 2020 as producers slashed production. But, the International Energy Agency (IEA) warns emission will rebound strongly without greater action from companies, policy makers and regulators.

Total JV to develop 12 solar plus energy storage projects in...

Total and 174 Power Global, a wholly owned Hanwha Group affiliate, have signed an agreement to form a 50/50 joint venture to develop 12 utility-scale solar and energy storage projects of 1.6GW cumulative capacity in the US.
infrastructure invesment

Future resilience depends on smart infrastructure investment today

A focus on “building back better” can address long-standing challenges and resilience states a new publication from the Swiss RE institute aimed at emerging markets and developing economies.
Adesina climate

Funding these 10 key sectors will accelerate decarbonisation – IFC

The IFC newly published report analyses the economic and climate benefits of a green recovery that focuses on decarbonisation strategies.
net-zero cities need renewable energy

Enel, Schneider and WEF publish first toolkit for net-zero cities

Schneider Electric, the Enel Group and World Economic Forum have published the first deliverable of the Net Zero Carbon Cities – Systemic Efficiency Initiative.
2021 Ashden Awards promotes innovation in the energy sector

2021 Ashden Awards promotes innovation in the energy sector

Entries for the 2021 Ashden Awards are open; categories include innovation in energy access, climate solutions and sustainable cooling.

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