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Practice and experience: Power industry reform

State Grid Corporation of China reflects on China’s power industry reform to present a new perspective for consideration.

How digitalisation is reshaping the energy sector

Digitalisation is making inroads into every sector and energy is not immune to this disruption. This article explores what this transformation actually means for the electricity network.

The nitty-gritty of big data-based analytical tools and standardising

Big data analytics enables the energy utility sector to optimise power generation and planning. But this is not always a smooth sailing practice.
offshore wind prospects

What are the long-term prospects for offshore wind?

The offshore wind industry envisions an installation of 1,400GW of offshore wind by 2050 to drive decarbonisation and a green economy. Is this achievable?

Jumping hurdles: The digital twin market sets new tech pace

Today, digital twin technology is revolutionising industries including architecture, healthcare, automotive and transportation, as well the energy sector.

Next-gen grid architecture: A prerequisite for grid modernisation

In this article, grid architecture is examined as an intended aid in managing the complexity of the grid modernisation process.
climate finance

Trending topic: Climate finance and sustainability

Unpacking 30 years of experience in renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate finance with Geoff Sinclair, managing director of Camco.
grid defection

Resist or embrace, grid defection can’t be ignored

Combined distributed generation and storage, give a customer the option to go from grid connected to grid defected. What are utilities to do?
North Africa

Op-ed: The changing face of CSR in the time of COVID-19

During and after the COVID-19 crisis, energy companies will have to demonstrate that they are responsible corporate social citizens.
electric vehicle charging

HOMER Grid Software now models electric vehicle charging stations

A recent software update can now model how hybrid systems power electric vehicle charging stations and design RE and storage systems.

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