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Musk’s merger to produce solar roofs

The recent merger between Elon Musk’s Tesla and US-based SolarCity has birthed an innovative solution to rooftop solar generated power – solar roofs.

With the merger expected to close in Q4 of 2016, Musk said during a telephone conference that this innovation is “a solar roof, as opposed to modules on a roof,” Electrek reported.

According to Lyndon Rive, SolarCity’s CEO, the two parties are working on a roof integrated product, where Musk noted: “I think this is really a fundamental part of achieving differentiated product strategy, where you have a beautiful roof.

“It’s not a thing on the roof. It is the roof.”

Solar roofs to earn its place

With rampant residential and commercial development annually in the US, Rive is confident that this innovation will see a fruitful future.

[quote]According to Musk, the new business plan will work alongside SolarCity’s current installations on existing roofs, adding that it will not cannibalise the existing product, Electrek reported.

According to Electrek: “Based on the comments from Musk and Rive’s announcement that two products will be unveiled by the end of the year, it looks like SolarCity is about to unveil two solar products, one for existing roofs and one integrated with the roof.

“They plan to manufacture those modules at SolarCity’s upcoming 1GW factory in Buffalo. Peter Rive, SolarCity’s CTO, said that the company now plans for the module assembly line to start producing in Q2 2017.”

Ashley Theron
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