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Solar Power Africa 2020 virtual conference

About Solar Power Africa 2020

Solar Power Africa 2020 brings together an extensive alliance of local & internationally renowned industry leaders, stakeholders and experts.
Rockefeller Foundation pledges $1bn for green recovery

Rockefeller Foundation pledges $1bn for green recovery

The Rockefeller Foundation has announced it will commit $1 billion over the next three years to catalyse a more inclusive, green recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Digital Energy Festival for Africa

Digital Energy Festival for Africa in the news: Week 1!

The Digital Energy Festival for Africa kicked off last week and as expected, has already yielded some thought-provoking and inspiring content and conversations.

Redefining the solar power market in Africa

Solar power capacity and energy generation has seen a rapid increase over the last decade. What is the status of this market in Africa?
solar power australia

Solar meets South Australia’s total energy demand for first time

Australia hit a renewable energy milestone early in October when solar power provided 100% of South Australia’s energy needs for a whole hour.

Solar dominates power industry contracts in MEA

Middle East and Africa power industry contracts dropped 3% in quarter three of 2020, with solar being the top tech area for investment in the energy sector.
Digital Energy Festival 5IR masterclass

Achieving 5IR by using business for good

Digital Energy Festival for Africa kicks off on an inspiring and optimistic note. Pratik Gauri, the President of the 5th Element Group, says the 5IR will assist in achieving several UN Sustainability Development Goals.

Research shows recycling method to revive crumb rubber market

BIR Tyres & Rubber Committee discovered that there is a possibility of recycling of ELTs into secondary raw materials for tyres.
World Trade Organisation addresses environmental issues

World Trade Organisation addresses environmental issues

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has launched a new publication in response to common questions about environmental issues.
Distribution network

Lucy Electric launches expansion module for its Gemini 3 mini RTU

Lucy Electric's new unit comprises an expansion processor accommodating up to three more sub-assemblies allowing the remote terminal unit to control up to six switches.
coal sector

South Korea’s KEPCO cancels South African coal plant investment

South Korea’s KEPCO, plans to cancel or convert to LNG two remaining overseas coal power projects in the Philippines and South Africa.

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