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Tanzania adopts alternative source of energy for cooking

In efforts to stop underprivileged Tanzanians from using firewood and charcoal as a primary source of energy, the Liberty Group has launched an alternative source of energy for cooking purposes.

The new technology dubbed, Okoa Mazingira na Pesa (OMAP), which means save the environment and money, uses scoria basalt extrusive rocks as a source of energy to fuel cooking stoves.

Speaking to local media the Citizen, Liberty Group head Shabani Juma, said the stove uses at least five scoria basalt stones that can be fitted in a metallic built cooking plate.

“Three cooking stones are sold at Sh1,500 ($0.67). They can be used as a source of cooking energy for at least two months,” Juma said.

Alternative cooking energy

Explaining how the prototype works, Juma said the rocks have to be broken into pieces to fit in the cooking plate.

He added that the stove, which costs Sh200,000, ($89) has a battery connected to a solar panel to charge it, media reported.

Juma noted that the battery was used to drive a rotating funnel, which was connected through a metallic pipe to the cooking stove to release air that blows the cooking stones and keeps them burning.

“The cooking stones are first ignited by either maize cobwebs, sawdust or charcoal dust that will later burn and leave the stones burning,” he said.

The origin of the technology

Media reported that the technology was invented by Godfrey Augustino, who said he came up with the idea after studying how a local brick kiln operated.

“The cooking stones inside the plate function as bricks arranged inside a burning kiln and fire burning them is ignited and kept burning by natural blowing air,” Augustino explained.

He said the stove could last for at least five years, but when built with a quality sheet metals such as stainless steel they could last for many years or 10 years if not well maintained. Read more…

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