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Ruzizi IV Hydropower Project

Studies are underway for two hydropower projects in Burundi

Tembo Power is partnering with WK Construction to conduct detailed studies for the development phase of the 7.5MW Dama and 12MW Siguvyaye run-of-river hydropower projects located in Burundi.

Seychelles plans to pilot two electric buses in 2021

Seychelles plans to conduct a pilot study in 2021 with electric buses to test whether they work well as a mode of public transportation.
energy poverty gap

Close energy poverty gap by empowering women with clean energy

"Energy is tied to everything. It is tied to security, agriculture, education and infrastructure," says Ifeoma Malo in this exclusive interview.
GOGLA's position

GOGLA’s position on VAT for off-grid solar products in Kenya

GOGLA’s position on the introduction of VAT on off-grid solar products in Kenya is that it will erode the progress made towards universal energy access.

Safaricom cooking with gas to expand its business prospects

Kenyan telecommunication company Safaricom continues its drive to diversify revenue stream away from voice business by taking a stake in a gas company.
economic growth

East Africa’s economic growth projection for 2020 down to 1.2% from...

Economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed East Africa’s economic growth projection for 2020 down to 1.2%.

Umeme raising the stakes, unveils $83.3m energy policy delivery plan

Meeting the Electricity Connections Policy 2018-2027 head-on, Umeme outlines the six areas it will invest its capital expenditure plan for 2020.
cold chain

Rwandan cold chain centre of excellence steps up cooling strategy

A new African Centre of Excellence for sustainable cooling and the cold chain in Kigali will help reduce food waste, boost profits and create jobs.

AERC plenary mulls Africa’s economic recovery post-COVID-19

Post-COVID-19 African manufacturers can take advantage of opportunities that lead to African trade and global supply chain realignment.
biogas entrepreneurs

Op-ed: Why African biogas entrepreneurs don’t get support

Most governments are yet to provide the requisite incentives that would stimulate a market for biogas entrepreneurs and demand for biogas technologies.

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