Jarrad WrightExclusive interview with Jarrad Wright, Acting Regional Manager and Senior Consultant, Energy Exemplar, South Africa – bronze sponsors at this year’s EAPIC in Nairobi. Jarrad is also a speaker during the Wind Farm and Solar Power session.

Which products or services by your company are you most excited about currently?

PLEXOS®, our class leading optimisation tool leading the way.

What makes your company a leader in this field?

We develop the best in class electric and gas market simulation software and we are leading in the field of energy market modelling.

Any specific success stories that have made a huge difference that you can share?

The establishment of Energy Exemplar Africa to introduce various stakeholders to PLEXOS® and our consulting, training expertise.

What in your opinion are the biggest challenges that the utility/energy industry are facing currently?

Utilities, regulators and private energy market participants do not fully understand the benefits of integrated optimal energy operations and planning.

Which regions in Africa are you most interested in at the moment?

Southern Africa, East Africa, Central and West Africa.

What excites you about this industry?

Regionally in Africa and globally various jurisdictions are facing different challenges waiting to be solved by various stakeholders.

What surprises you about this industry?

Challenges come and go but are always met by capable people.

You are a regular exhibitor at EAPIC, what makes you return to the event every year?

This will be the second time attending EAPIC and this is because of the exposure it gives.

What will be your message at EAPIC?

Plan optimally, operate efficiently and manage best practice.