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Having acquired funding from multiple donors, the Ethiopian Electric Utility (EEU) will be upgrading electric power distribution lines in six regional towns.

According to the Addis Fortune, the power utility obtained the funds from the World Bank’s International Development Association (IDA) as well as the government coffer.

The rehabilitation will be undertaken in six regional towns, namely; Adigrat, Debre Marqos, Gondor, Shashamane, Wolaita Sodo and Harar.

The upgrade of electric power distribution lines is expected to avoid the recurring blackouts in these towns.

EEP states that the main reason for intermittent power outages is due to old electric power distribution lines in Addis Ababa as well as in the regional towns, media reported.

Analysing electric power distribution lines

Media also cited the head of Distribution Projects Management Office under the EEU, Aklilu Kebede, who revealed that in 2016 the utility conducted a feasibility study for the project.

After the study was concluded, the EEU collected data from the cities to assess the level of the electric network installation, transmission levels and the requirements for the rehabilitation works, Kebede stated.

The planned project will mainly focus on three major areas;

  • Fully sustain the medium volt lines, distribution systems with voltages above one kilovolt;
  • Rehabilitate 60pc of the low volt, volts distributed through overhead lines
  • Underground cables and maintain 157 transformers

It will also connect 150,000 energy meters in 14 towns, which are getting their transmission lines rehabilitated. Read more…

“The rehabilitation will make improvements on the duration of power outages and minimise the frequency of the interruptions,” the utility’s CEO, Gossaye Mengiste, told the Fortune.

The project is expected to be commissioned in December 2017, with the intention of fully executing the entire project within a year after the commencement.


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