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Ethiopia: Condominium electrification project boosts employment

The Ethiopian National Condominium Electrification Programme Office has announced the conclusion of preparations to engage 81 micro and small-scale enterprises (MSEs) in condominium electrification projects.

According to the Ethiopian Herald, Office CEO Gosaye Mengiste, noted that since the beginning of the condominium construction in 2004, the MSEs have been playing a major role in the electrification programme.

Media reported that Mengiste further highlighted that the electrical operations on the condominium construction have been conducted by the MSEs, adding that the development resulted in creating employment for a large number of youth.

He stated that for this financial year, his office is targeting to engage some 406 youth for the project.

Condominium electrification

Media also reported that Office head, Tesfaye Nirayo, said that for two consecutive years, the office has created 550 jobs in the electrification programme at Yeka Abado, Tulu Dimtu and Crown condominium sites.

To equip the young recruits, Nirayo said a 15-day training programme will be offered, which will cover electrical fault and protection, meter installation and contract administration, planning and design.

“To achieve all the programmes and to strengthen the MSEs capacity, the bureau has so far spent Birr 75 million ($3 million),” he said.

Benefits for the residents

Water, irrigation and electricity state minister Eng. Wondimu Tekle, said that since the commencement of the condominium construction, the Ethiopian Electricity Corporation has provided 121MW power to condo residents alone, media reported.

Tekle said: “In this project, MSEs have been key players in carrying out the standard operating procedure.”

Meanwhile, the head of Addis Ababa City Administration for Micro and Small Enterprises Development Bureau, Leulseged Yifru, said: “Improving and consolidating the capacity of MSEs has a decisive role in the nation effort to build industry-led economy.”

Yifru said the bureau will continue to provide technological and financial support as well as to offer training to the MSEs, media stated.

Babalwa Bungane
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