SRK open for business in DRC

[img:Roger.thumbnail.jpg|SRK Chairman,
Roger Dixon and
SRK mining engineer,
Susa Maleba
]6 May 2010 - Consulting engineers and scientists, SRK  Consulting, will plant another base firmly in African soil when it formally opens its office in Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo on 6 May.

SRK chairman Roger Dixon says it’s an exciting step for the group, which has long been involved in serving clients in the DRC and neighbouring countries. “It is great for us to be developing roots in this important mining country,” said Dixon. “Apart from the well-known operations in the southern areas, there are substantial prospects being explored in the east.”

Nigerian state project to use wood waste-to-energy to generate electricity

[img:wood.thumbnail.jpg| ]5 May 2010 - Revonergy Inc. announces that the Company has been assigned the rights to develop and own a wood waste-to-energy ("WTE") project in Ondo State, Africa.

The Project is designed to use wood waste from an assortment of sawmills in the state of Ondo as fuel to generate electricity. The Project has been designed to be a 14MW electricity generating facility, however the Company considers that there is sufficient waste and demand for electricity in the vicinity to develop a second phase of equal or greater scale.

Inga project to proceed under the auspices of SADC and Westcor

[img:Kabila.thumbnail.jpeg|President Joseph
]15 September 2009 - The uncertainty about whether the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) government planned to reverse the Southern African Development Community's (SADC's) mandate over the development of the high-potential Inga hydroelectric projects appears to have been lifted, following the recent Heads of State summit in Kinshasa.

Methane Gas Extraction in Lake Kivu: DRC and Rwanda join forces

[img:Kivu.thumbnail.jpeg| ]25 August 2009 - Before June 2010, methane gas in Lake Kivu, bordering Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, will be jointly exploited.

Funds for a feasibility study for gas extraction have been granted by the European Commission (EC) and the funds should be availed in two months to start the study, which may cost between $1.5 million and $2 million.

DRC: Improved governance the way to attract investment says WB

[img:robert.thumbnail.jpg|Robert Zoellick,
World Bank
]12 August 2009 - World Bank President, Robert Zoellick said this week that the only way for the DRC to attract investment and fully exploit its potential, is by improving governance in its energy sector.  Zoellick was speaking at the site of the Inga hydro power project which the World Bank is trying to rehabilitate.

Regional cooperation the way forward for nuclear development

23 July 2009 - International Atomic Energy Agency director-general Mohamed ElBaradei, has said African countries should consider a regional approach to the use of nuclear technology.

Mohamed ElBaradei"We have many programs in all our member states in the African continent in using nuclear techniques. These are the valuable techniques in increasing food production, extending people's life, making varieties through natural breeding and nutrition to ensure you have better productivity," ElBaradei said.

The end of Westcor?

8 July 2009 - ESI Africa has received it on good authority that the Western Power Corridor company is set to cease operations.  

Speaking to a senior figure in the company, ESI Africa was told “we will be closing our business ventures”

“Two weeks ago, we were finally advised that Inga 3 returns formally to the DRC Government for their own development.  That signals the end of the Joint Venture aspirations … a rather sad development.”

Inga III workshop to help prepare way ahead

[img:20_21Pic1.thumbnail.jpg| ]26 June 2009 - Workshop talks in Kinsasha, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), have just finished and paved the way for the next stage of development of the Inga III hydro power scheme, with plans to establish a project company and steering committee.

It was proposed that a company be established to develop the 4320MW scheme and have responsibility to negotiate contracts for design and construction activities, funding, licensing and operations.

Conservation groups oppose rumoured site of hydropower station

[img:kongou.thumbnail.jpeg| ]19 June 2009 - Reports from the Central African Country of Gabon indicate that the Kongou Falls, described by some as the most beautiful waterfall in the country, may be harnessed to generate hydro power. 

The falls have apparently been earmarked to generate power for the US$3.5 billion Bélinga iron ore mining project in north-eastern Gabon.  Work is scheduled to begin in 2009 and all the iron ore will be sent to China, who is also financing the whole project including the 560km road network needed and a deepwater port.  There is also talk of some 30 000 jobs being created by the project.

Zambia imports power from DRC

[img:zambia.thumbnail.jpeg| ]17 June 2009 - A fire that broke out at one of ZESCO Limited’s four transformers at Lusaka’s Leopards Hill high voltage sub-station, caused widespread blackouts and the utility has been struggling to restore normal power supply

The Leopards Hill sub-station in Lusaka is a transit point for power being transmitted from Kariba North Bank and Kafue Gorge power stations and supplied power to seven provinces in the country.

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