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The elite of tomorrow could be sitting next to you today

Have you noticed an increase in scholarships, bursaries, and internships in the STEM and energy fields?

Originally published in the ESI Africa weekly newsletter on 2020/01/29

It’s fantastic when this type of news hits my inbox as I believe new entrants in the ESI market will more readily embrace the trends that are decarbonising the electricity grid.

These are the young leaders of tomorrow who could someday be well-placed to feature in The African Power & Energy Elites Annual Journal. An ESI-Africa publication, it recognises the elite among industry-specific projects and leaders that are shaping the African power and energy markets.

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This year’s edition will launch tomorrow [30 January], and I’m excited to say that it now includes aspects of smart cities, which encompasses transportation, water, wastewater, recycling and any number of digitally enhanced projects.

In collaboration with the Power, Energy & Water Awards during African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa, this annual journal showcases twelve of Africa’s most innovative projects and twelve influential people, all of whom were nominated by the industry.

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Power, Energy & Water Awards

It was an honour for me to participate in the vetting process as an Advisory Board member along with expert board members; some of whom I’ve come to know personally. Guided by concise criteria and a clear rating format for each elite category, it was still a difficult task to undertake.

The submissions were incredibly exciting, and I’d find myself doing extra research to make sure the rating was fair and just—a task undertaken with pleasure.

As a result, every person and project in the 2020 edition demonstrates their unique charm and forward-thinking outlook. You can read the interviews online as from 30 January; however, I encourage you to order a print copy as the content is evergreen.

It will be wonderful to hear from you on how this publication has inspired you and which projects and leaders should feature in the 2021 edition.

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Till next week,

Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl
As the Editor of ESI Africa, my passion is on sustainability and placing African countries on the international stage. I take a keen interest in the trends shaping the power & water utility market along with the projects and local innovations making headline news. Watch my short weekly video on our YouTube channel ESIAfricaTV and speak with me on what has your attention.