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Itron to reduce utilities non-revenues in Burundi and Rwanda

Itron has announced contracts with water utility companies to help them modernise distribution networks and reduce non-revenue expenses.

The water management solutions firm has signed a deal with Burundi water company, REGIDESO, to help the utility optimise its operations and efficiency of water network in the country’s capital Bujumbura.

REGIDESO will use Itron’s software-as-a-service analytics, meter data management software and water metering automation solutions for residential, commercial and industrial customers.

The smart water meters to be installed will ensure consumers are accurately billed and provided with access to near real-time water usage data, which they can use to improve their efficiency and reduce monthly bills.

The smart meters will also help the utility to improve its revenue collection and to access data regarding the performance of the water distribution infrastructure, a development which will help to quickly detect and address water leaks.

This project paves the way for automatic meter reading. This will result in low operational costs and the elimination of human error incurred in manual meter reading.

Laurent Mbonihankuy, assistant minister of energy, said: “Water is a precious resource in Burundi, as we face challenges with water shortages and access to clean drinking water. With the help of Itron’s technology, we can ensure that treated water is not lost during delivery. This is a critical step in improving water access in Bujumbura.”

“This project will improve the efficiency of the drinking water supply while reducing progressive water losses and shortening the period of water shortages. At the same time, the quality of the customer service will increase. Itron will deploy smart metering and mobile data collection, which will shorten the billing cycle and improve revenue protection.” Read more…

Smart water meters in Rwanda

In Rwanda, Itron has been selected by WASAC for the provision of an additional 50,000 digital water meters in Kigali.

The smart water meters will be installed over the next two years following a successful rollout of 110,000 Itron units.

WASAC has partnered with Itron over the past decade in an effort to modernise its water infrastructure. By modernising its operations, WASAC is confident it will improve services to its 230,000 customers.

Mathias Martin, Itron vice president of sales, EMEA, said: “Itron’s high-end metering technology can support all water conditions, which allows WASAC to accurately manage its water supply.”

“We are glad to continue our work with WASAC to help the utility accurately measure usage and conserve water resources.”


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