Don’t be caught off guard by unsettling market conditions

Morné Bosch, general manager at ArmCoil, speaks to ESI Africa about the changing energy market with the arrival of the independent power producers.
energy efficiency

The Big Question | How to achieve high levels of energy...

Energy efficiency sits at the centre of achieving the ambitions set out in the Nationally Determined Contributions announced as part of the Paris Agreement at COP21.

Ed’s Note: American first makes headline news

How does the American market see itself abroad and specifically what are its intentions to not be left out of Africa’s exponential market growth?
smart building

Good governance to accelerate Africa’s integration through Smart Infrastructure

Smart infrastructure investments underpinned by solid governance mechanisms and strategic partnerships will be crucial to accelerating Africa’s regional connectivity and integration.

Winners of EDF Pulse Africa second edition, announced

UK’s energy company, EDF, recently awarded the four winners of the second edition of the EDF Pulse Africa Awards in Paris.
US Department of Commerce

African Utility Week gets seal of approval from US Department of...

The US Department of Commerce has issued the annual African Utility Week conference and exhibition an official US Trade Fair Certification for the event.
innovative solar subsidy

Solar mini-grids in Africa to climb to 16,000 by 2023

In the Africa and Asia markets, the number of solar mini-grid projects is expected to grow from 2,700 units in 2017 to over 31,000 units by 2023.
loadshedding returns

Eskom warns South Africans to plan ahead for loadshedding

Eskom continues to use open-cycle gas turbines (OCGTs) and emergency reserves to limit the possibility of loadshedding.
JinkoSolar's Cheetah Module

JinkoSolar’s flagship product Cheetah launches at SNEC2018

JinkoSolar’s Cheetah module, first presented during SNEC 2018 in Shanghai, is the world’s highest-performance, commercially mass-produced monofacial module.

Ed’s note: Hydropower race continues in full force

Africa’s mammoth hydropower project, the Grand Inga Dam, is back in the news. Its story, which began more than six decades ago, continues to raise hackles.

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