Virtual AUW highlights: Keynote session

The African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa organisers this week offer a free series of live webinars and an online, virtual meeting platform.

Business model at a crossroads: Which way do African utilities turn?

Full deployment of smart grid technology benefits will far outweigh the rollout costs for energy utilities, who find their business model at a crossroads.
energy access

Energy access to address the great divide

Energy access remains a challenge with only 43% of the population in sub-Saharan Africa that has access to basic electricity, less than half of the global average of 87%.
South Africa

Will Africa mix it up by 2040?

With about two billion citizens in Africa by 2040 "...current efforts to try to provide access to modern energy will barely outpace the population growth".
utility reform

Time to rethink our assumptions

This article examins utility reforms that were introduced in the past to attract private investment in the power sector and improve operations.

Where do you look to find a competitive mini-grid market?

It is estimated that some 83 million Nigerians do not have access to modern electricity. In response to this challenge, the mini-grid market has taken hold.

The truth about distribution automation in substations and pole-tops

Utility substation automation schemes are typically complex, involving a variety of intelligent electronic devices. Fortunately, over the past two decades, substation automation has evolved and changed.

A business case for distributed dispatchable generating units

The rapid adoption of renewable resources calls for the need of dispatchable generation resources to maintain the stability of the grid.

Ed’s Note: Finding solace in the new world order of virtual...

The hubbub of manufacturing and commerce might be dulled but through increased inbound virtual traffic ‘noise’ you can still go about finding solace.

Op-Ed: DER solutions serve health facilities’ energy needs in SSA

DER solutions are compatible to providing stable power which health facilities require to provide 24/7 care and avoid unnecessary increased mortality.

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