How digitalisation is reshaping the energy sector

Digitalisation is making inroads into every sector and energy is not immune to this disruption. This article explores what this transformation actually means for the electricity network.

The nitty-gritty of big data-based analytical tools and standardising

Big data analytics enables the energy utility sector to optimise power generation and planning. But this is not always a smooth sailing practice.

Analyses of free electricity as a social relief measure

By mid-April 2020, 13 African countries had announced free electricity as part of their COVID-19 crisis for poor households.

Jumping hurdles: The digital twin market sets new tech pace

Today, digital twin technology is revolutionising industries including architecture, healthcare, automotive and transportation, as well the energy sector.

Next-gen grid architecture: A prerequisite for grid modernisation

In this article, grid architecture is examined as an intended aid in managing the complexity of the grid modernisation process.

Cleaning wastewater to address Ethiopia’s water problems

Ethiopian authorities have approved the creation of a decentralised wastewater treatment plant in capital city Addis Ababa

Is blockchain the enabler of cross-border energy trading?

The uptake of sensors and smart devices has set the electricity sector firmly on the edge of digitalisation. Where does blockchain fit into this unfolding smart grid scenario?
climate finance

Trending topic: Climate finance and sustainability

Unpacking 30 years of experience in renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate finance with Geoff Sinclair, managing director of Camco.
North Africa

Op-ed: The changing face of CSR in the time of COVID-19

During and after the COVID-19 crisis, energy companies will have to demonstrate that they are responsible corporate social citizens.

Electric pressure cookers and microgrids can solve biomass cooking challenge

Six villages in Tanzania participate in an important research project on the use of electric pressure cookers to overcome the challenges of biomass cooking.

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