Trends driving inner-city revitalisation and urban property markets

Property stocks have been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic; impacting retail and commercial office space and even some industrial property holdings.

GE: Pathways to faster decarbonisation with gas and renewables

While renewables are growing rapidly, increases are not occurring fast enough, and they are still projected to provide less than half of the global electricity supply by 2040.

Webinar 25 March: Grid at the edge of the storm

By making data-driven decisions in advance of severe weather events, utilities can improve the mobilisation of resources to the affected areas.
clean PV solar panels

How to clean your PV solar panels

Over an extended period of time, PV solar panels can lose up to 15-25% of their efficacy if you do not clean them properly.

Trans-Africa Projects new website launch

Trans-Africa Projects (TAP), a specialist High Voltage Services consulting company, invites you to visit their newly launched website.

Ed’s note: Offgrid but solar-empowered to irrigate agricultural activities

Imagine the increased farming yields in sub-Saharan Africa where everyone has access to powered irrigation, cooling, refrigeration and agro-processing.

Mining Indaba insights: Mines push on as South Africa plays catch-up

The trend towards a low-carbon future was a key theme at the Mining Indaba, which is affecting the prospects for coal miners in South Africa.

Accelerator for women-led green energy businesses in Malawi and Nigeria

The Africa Women Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum has launched an Accelerator Programme targeting green women-led or owned businesses.
182mm modules

20GW of signed contracts prove investment value of 182mm modules

With the beginning of the 14th Five-Years Plan, the PV industry market has continued to heat up, and large-size modules have progressively earned...

Hydropower Sustainability Fund open for applications until May 2021

The Hydropower Sustainability ESG Assessment Fund will award a total of $1.02 million to 40 or more hydropower projects over four years.

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