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Nominations open: 6 May 2019 | Nominations close: 30 August 2019

Nominations are open to both the public and private sectors, extending across power generation, transmission and distribution, water, independent power producers, and project developers.

The final selection of projects and leaders is made by an external advisory board composed of experienced industry figures from around the world.

Nomination categories


These are industry influencers who are innovative in their leadership approaches and strategies to improve the greater power and energy, and water value chain on a regional or country level. These leaders can be active in the private or public sectors and can include academia. Their influential role should be setting benchmarks in their respective industry sectors including, but not limited to, project design and development, engineering, technology and innovation, data related projects, mentoring and coaching of colleagues, legislation and finance.

Generation innovation and Optimisation

Projects in which electricity producers have improved thermal power generation efficiency and/or capacity by developing and implementing advanced and innovative technology and solutions into an existing or new power plant. Things to consider include reduced operational or deferred capital expenditures, carbon and other emissions reductions, life extension, and plant upgrades. This category is applicable to projects that fall within either small, medium and large-scale.

Renewable energy generation innovation and Optimisation

Projects in which electricity producers have utilised renewable power generation and new business offerings to meet growing customer demand for cleaner energy options. This can include the utilisation of blockchain or peer to peer trading facilitation, complex stakeholder engagement, utility facilitated residential storage or a complete restructuring of a business to accommodate the technology. This category is applicable to projects that fall within either small, medium and large-scale.

Rural Electrification

Electrification projects that have made a considerable positive impact to increasing energy access and electrification rates in urban, rural and informal settlements. These projects can be initiatives driven by government, private developers, or public institutions. The project can include any form of technology that increases power distribution to unelectrified communities for use in homes, schools, healthcare facilities, agriculture, and small businesses.

Transmission & Distribution

Projects that have provided growth in the transmission and distribution of electricity either locally, nationally or regionally. These projects can include LV, MV and HV new build programmes, maintenance projects, service delivery initiatives, technology roll-out programmes, revenue protection measures, technical and non-technical loss reduction, grid integration, and initiatives to increase network stability. Projects should have faced complex challenges. 

Smart Cities

Projects undertaken as part of a smart city initiative which have driven an integrated energy, transportation, water or gas system as part of an overall city plan. Initiatives can include increased access to data which has led to energy, water or gas savings or enhanced management, or the overall implementation of a water, gas or electricity management and/or supply programme, wastewater management, green buildings and energy efficient programmes, transportation within the energy efficiency framework.

Finance & Investment

These models should be exemplary in their fields which can be in the form of traditional financing models, FinTech and interactive platforms such as crowdfunding that attribute to the development of small, medium and large-scale power projects.

Digital Transformation

The most transformative product or project of 2019/2020 – this can include innovations across the water, power and energy value chain (generation; transmission; distribution). Additionally, innovation and progression in the use of data & analytics; significant meter rollouts; and innovations in research and development, training and skills development. 

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