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Gas to power in Africa

Gas in Africa has seen a lot of growth in exploration and there are interesting dynamics in terms of gas to power.

The global gas sector is becoming diverse and vibrant. There has been the US shale gas boom, which, with the cleanest burning of hydrocarbons and the flexibility gas power provides to grids featuring renewables, has helped Barrack Obama’s government to embrace a climate change mitigation agenda, and to imply restrictions in the use of coal. The question remains unanswered as to whether the success of shale gas in the US can be replicated in other parts of the world. To put into context the size of the shale gas industry in the US, that country produces some 70 billion cubic feet of gas a day (bcf/d), of which 26 bcf/d is shale gas. Thirteen years ago no shale gas was being produced in the US. Africa in total produces 20 bcf/d of gas.

By Antonio Ruffini, Editor, ESI Africa

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