B-BBEE Level 1

Eaton maintains its B-BBEE Level 1 status

Eaton has maintained its B-BBEE Level 1 status for the third year in a row setting the lead amongst the top power management companies in South Africa.
OSM Recloser with RC10 control

NOJA Power products: Thriving in high temperature environments

NOJA Power recloser systems protect overhead distribution switchgear from suffering the full ferocity of high temperature environments.
NOJA Power recloser mobile app

Introducing NOJA Power’s recloser mobile app

Introducing the NOJA Power recloser mobile app to improve the safety of operators when conducting switchgear interrogation.

Conlog opens its first high tech facilities

Counting down the hours until the official opening for the Conlog high-tech facilities in Dube Tradeport Durban, South Africa.
Regional Energy Summit: West Africa

Senegal to host Regional Energy Summit this December

As the first conference in West Africa to receive the co-patronage, it comes at an important time as Senegal becomes one of Africa’s fastest growing economies.

Conlog is now open for business in Nigeria

Conlog is now open for business in Nigeria—having opened its first office in Ikeja, Lagos State—to actively support metering solutions in the country.

Indian utility vendors forging good alliances at Future Energy Nigeria

The Indian Chamber of Commerce connects C-level industry professionals to address today’s challenges and implement tomorrow’s solutions.
ESI Africa 2019 Media Information

ESI Africa 2019 media information now available

Fill in the form below to access our 2019 media information document.   Who are we? ESI Africa - Africa’s leading power and energy journal - is...

Net metering rules & distributed generation market opportunity

Embracing new business models that encourage customer generation like roof-top solar PV and selling additional services to these customers such as storage can help...
tariff hikes

Exclusive interview with Netherlands Development Finance Co.

Exclusive interview with Bernhard van Meeteren, Energy Sector Specialist, FMO, Netherlands Development Finance Company. During African Utility Week in Cape Town in May, he will address...

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