West African C&I solar power provider expands into East Africa

Starsight Energy announced its acquisition of a 50% stake in the East African operations of C&I solar power provider Premier Solar Group.

Blue ammonia could play pivotal role in a clean energy transition

Blue ammonia, according to the latest findings by the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), has the potential to be a prominent contributor to a clean energy transition.
renewable energy investment

Micro-grids: A solution to Africa’s electrification challenges?

Micro-grids as a self-sufficient energy system could potentially provide a solution to Africa’s ongoing low electrification rates. View the maps supporting this theory.

ACEA report puts spotlight on 5 Big Bets for circular economy

The African Circular Economy Alliance (ACEA) has launched a report that highlights five sectors that have the greatest potential to further drive the circular economy.

Glass House Project to improve quality and availability of employment data

Enel Foundation and IEA will conduct research to provide up-to-date energy sector employment data and insights regarding changes within the global labour market.

South African municipalities to launch R69m energy security project

South Africa's Western Cape government announced that six municipalities will participate n the first phase of Municipal Energy Resilience Project.
B-BBEE Level 1

Eaton maintains its B-BBEE Level 1 status

Eaton has maintained its B-BBEE Level 1 status for the third year in a row setting the lead amongst the top power management companies in South Africa.
OSM Recloser with RC10 control

NOJA Power products: Thriving in high temperature environments

NOJA Power recloser systems protect overhead distribution switchgear from suffering the full ferocity of high temperature environments.
NOJA Power recloser mobile app

Introducing NOJA Power’s recloser mobile app

Introducing the NOJA Power recloser mobile app to improve the safety of operators when conducting switchgear interrogation.

Conlog opens its first high tech facilities

Counting down the hours until the official opening for the Conlog high-tech facilities in Dube Tradeport Durban, South Africa.

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