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Southern African Association for Energy Efficiency (SAEE)

Who are we?
Founded in 2002, the SAEE is a non-profit coordinating body for energy efficiency in Southern Africa. Our work encompasses an umbrella focus towards the continuous efficient use of energy to support the viability and sustainability of a healthy energy mix and energy efficient businesses.
Our focus is growth while enhancing business sustainability with a specific focus on energy use. Therefore, our primary concern is to establish the following foundation within Southern Africa.
  • Professionalism
  • Credibility
  • Quality assurance
  • Accreditation  and  certification
  • Education, skills and knowledge sharing
Our aim is to maintain our status as the number one networking organisation in Energy Efficiency in South Africa. We are guided by the Board of the SAEE, boasting over 100 years combined experience within the energy engineering and energy efficiency industry.
The SAEE consists of various groups, such as the Measurement and Verification Council for South Africa (MVCSA), Females in Energy Efficiency (FEE), and Energy Services Companies (ESCOs). We are looking to include other like minded and interested groups. The SAEE is also a proud member of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).
The Association of Energy Engineers [AEE)
Active in 90 countries and with over 16,000 professional members, the AEE truly is a global authority. The SAEE is one of 90 endorsed Chapters of the AEE. We meet regularly with our international contemporaries, and are privileged to have access to the host of cutting edge information within this expanding field. This includes:
  • Energy efficiency Energy engineering Energy management
  • Renewable and alternative energy Power generation
  • Energy services
  • Sustainability
What do we do?
Building an Energy Efficient Nation
Building on a solid foundation of over a decade’s solid experience in energy efficiency in South Africa, the SAEE is working to improve South Africa’s current energy status as a nation, and to advance our  competitiveness in the global energy efficiency industry. We create awareness, establish credibility and both propose and implement accreditation for training  and development within the energy efficiency industry. The SAEE uses multiple platforms to broadcast our important message and inform and educate the community, while contributing wherever necessary to the best interests of the energy efficiency community and SAEE members.
These platforms include:
  • Outreach programs from technical seminars
  • Conferences, conventions, workshops and special events
  • Books
  • Networking trade shows
  • Job listings
  • Newsletters
  • Participation and contributing at a number of events organised by other parties
  • Participation in various working groups on important energy efficiency related matters both nationally and internationally
  • Engaging all organisation (both private and government)
  • And our own radio program called The Green Hour
Annual Energy Awards Programme
We actively reward excellence by way of the Annual Energy Awards and recognise key achievers within the field of energy efficiency.
Our categories include;
  • Best Energy Project
  • Energy Newcomer of the Year
  • Energy Company of the Year
  • Energy Patron of the Year
  • Excellence Award
In addition there are multiple awards evenings and networking events throughout the year.
Youth Development Bursaries
The education and development of our young ones is vital if we are to continue to grow our national skill base. That is why SAEE bursaries are offered annually to deserving students. Historically, these have attracted exceptional talent. In addition, a bursary administration scheme is available for corporates. To continue contributing to and growing this essential area, the SAEE will be looking for sponsors / partners to establish a Youth Development Group. All input is welcome as we work on this exciting project.
Initiatives and Community Events
The SAEE takes its role as both an authority and a vehicle for education very seriously. For this reason, we are a highly visible organisation.
The Southern African Energy Efficiency Convention
This flagship annual event draws over 80 international professionals to address our delegates. It is an exceptional opportunity for exhibitors to display their products, solutions and services to a wide audience from across Southern  Africa. We encourage the sharing of case studies, knowledge on new solutions and presentations of  papers related to any area of energy efficiency and energy management. Sponsorship opportunities also exist, and we endeavour to accommodate all who are interested.
The Green Hour
The SAEE has joined forces with radio personality Gareth Burley of Kingfisher FM in the Eastern Cape to present The Green Hour. The Green Hour is a weekly show launched in July 2011, which focuses on sharing information on energy efficiency nationally. The programme material is made available by web podcasts to 25 national radio stations to use at their discretion. It is also disseminated on various social networks, blogs and websites.
The intent is to try and expand this valuable programme nationally and possibly to other media.
Measurement and Verification Council of South Africa (MVCSA)
The SAEE established the MVCSA as an independent body to ensure that credible and transparent quantification of energy and efficiency savings are reported. The quality of services rendered by the Measurement and Verification Council members and related service providers are held to the highest standards.
Females in Energy Efficiency (FEE)
The SAEE believes that equity in the workplace is of major importance. However, some women in energy efficiency may struggle to find their feet. Advice, guidance and/or mentorship from experienced and knowledgeable individuals can make all the difference in a young woman’s success. The Females in Energy Efficiency (FEE) initiative focuses on opening the energy efficiency industry to all women interested in participating in this space.
Energy Service Companies (ESCOs)
This is the latest addition to the SAEE “family”. Energy efficiency would not be possible without those who evaluate current practices, equipment and conditions, propose solutions, and – most importantly – implement the proposed energy efficiency measures. It therefore makes sense that ESCOs should be part of the SAEE.
The SAEE is also proud to be involved with:
  • The Section 12L Tax incentives
  • The SABS:SANS 50010 M&V Standard
  • International M&V Guidelines
  • National Job Profiles for individuals in the energy industry
  • The ISO 50001 Energy Management family of standards
  • Sourcing articles and papers for international publications
  • Marketing assistance to international energy efficiency funding programs
  • ECSA Continuous Development Point (CDP) opportunities for attendees and members
Where do you fit in?
SAEE membership creates awareness and grows business.
The industry is undoubtedly going ‘green,’ with companies large and small refocusing on energy saving. Standards, best practices  and incentives have been introduced throughout the country to maximise this trend.
Join hands with South Africa’s key industry professionals and enjoy the benefits. SAEE membership means that you and your company are:
  • up to date with the latest international developments;
  • building new business relationships;
  • identifying yourselves as part of the national authority of energy efficiency; and
  • helping South Africa to develop into an internationally recognised player in the energy efficiency industry.
SAEE membership also enables you to keep abreast of all the latest news regarding energy efficiency and energy management.
Membership is open to all energy stakeholders as individuals, institutions or corporate organisations in South and Southern Africa.
Membership categories include everyone from Individual Membership for the individual with an interest in doing their bit, to Diamond Premier Membership for key players.
For more information on costs and membership details, please see the Membership Information Sheet for a comprehensive list of memberships and benefits.
The Southern African Energy Efficiency Confederation (SAEEC) is a non-profit coordinating body that is aimed towards promoting the energy efficiency industry in Southern Africa. Founded in 2002 under the banner of the Southern African Association for Energy Efficiency (SAEE ), the confederation has evolved to become the umbrella body that consists of associations and specific user groups that play an important role in sustainably developing the energy efficiency industry in the context of Southern Africa.