The South African Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA) consists of key players in South Africa’s photovoltaic market who have the knowledge, experience, initiative and determination to drive the growth of the industry.

The association aims to represent the PV industry before provincial and national authorities, as well as government, to promote a higher penetration of the technology, and to advise key decision makers on the most adequate policies to develop a sustainable PV market.

What does SAPVIA do?

  • Representing the PV industry towards Government at Provincial and National level,
  • Informing its Members on the latest legislative developments,
  • Anticipating legislation having a potential impact on the sector,
  • Advising key decision-makers on the most adequate policies to develop a sustainable PV market,
  • Mobilising the sector via working groups and workshops to define clear positions on political, technical and economic issues,
  • Promoting a higher penetration of the technology,
  • Facilitating business-to-business contacts among industry stakeholders,
  • Supporting national organisations in achieving their local objectives,
  • Organising conferences where solar electricity has strong potential and requires additional support

SAPVIA is governed by a board of seven commissioners and a Chairperson elected democratically on an annual basis by its members at the Annual General Meeting.

From its rank the management board elects the Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer and Spokesperson. SAPVIA also has a secretariat – the Executive Manager – and an office administrator to handle the day to day workings of the association. The secretariat has two main departments: communication and policy work.

The communications department deals with all matters relating to the collection and transfer of information between members and target audiences such as public or government institutions.

The policy department is responsible for organising and collaborating technical information to be used in supporting the objectives and messages of the association.