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Introducing STS edition 2

The STS specification has been in use for over 20 years in the prepayment market. Over this time it has demonstrated its use for over 500 utilities
worldwide, in over 40 countries.

It is a stated objective of the STS Association to ensure that the specification adopts state of the art advanced cryptographic algorithms. It has
therefore become necessary to revise the security levels of IEC 62055-41 so as to reflect the state of the art best practices, for deployment of new
systems having a useful life expectancy of at least the next 30 years. Similarly, smart metering systems with payment functionality have evolved to employ tariff functions in the meter, thus raising the need to provide for the transfer of currency units to the meter instead of service (kWh) units.
The latest edition of the specification, STS EDITION 2, not only maintains backward compatibility to the current systems in use, but more importantly, it enables the use of the latest state of the art cryptographic algorithms, while also introducing many new features in order to keep abreast with modern metering technologies.

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