Ntiyiso Consulting

We are Ntiyiso Consulting; an authentically African and globally wired management consulting firm in South Africa, whose purpose is to empower institutions that enable Africa’s development. The firm was founded and led by three highly motivated partners from a science background with a combined business and consulting experience of over 50 years.

Africa’s public institutions are besieged with performance problems that hinder the continent’s development. These institutions are facing complexity and capacity problems to deliver on their mandates, be it revenue realisation, service delivery and or developmental goals. The current solutions in the market are traditional consulting practices of delivering strategies through slides decks and minimal implementation support. This is hardly adequate to solve these problems. Institutions need a partner who will walk the journey with them.

In response to the above, Ntiyiso Consulting delivers evidence-based solution through three subsidiaries viz. Ntiyiso Revenue Consulting, Ntiyiso Business Consulting and Ntiyiso Industrialisation Consulting. Through Ntiyiso Revenue Consulting, we improve cash positions of large and medium-sized municipalities that are struggling with the complexity and diversity of services that result in suboptimal levels of income. Through Ntiyiso Business Consulting, we turnaround or improve the revenue, profitability or social mandate performance of large and medium public entities struggling with complexity and meeting performance targets. Through Ntiyiso Industrialisation Consulting, we unlock economic opportunities on behalf of communities and regions struggling with unemployment and lack of economic opportunities.

Our client base is cities, smaller municipalities, state-owned entities and corporate companies in South Africa, with great potential to expand into the rest of the continent. This market is predominately serviced by traditional management consulting firms who deliver strategies through slide decks with minimal implementation support. This is hardly adequate for institutions that require a partner who will walk the journey with them.

Our competitive advantage lies in how we package our services. We provide end-to-end tailormade solutions that are evidence-based and delivered hands-on rather than just delivering slides to a client. We also built into our solutions agility and flexibility as opposed to being rigid. Finally, our African background as a firm allows us to bring into our solutions and interactions with clients, cultural affinity – which adds to the quality of our offering.

In addition to the above, Ntiyiso Consulting has just completed the Seed Business Transformation Programme, a programme by the University of Stanford Graduate School of Business. The programme not only gears the business for upscaling, but also contributed to the sharpening of our value proposition in the market.

Our growth strategy going forward is anchored on investment into new but complementary products such as fintech and drone services while exploiting further growth of the existing product lines by taking them into new markets.