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About Black Energy Professionals Association

Who We Are

The energy sector continues to thrive in South Africa and yet black participation remains unacceptably inadequate. Formed in 2017, Black Energy Professionals Association exists to represent and champion the specific interests of black people with the aim to achieve radical economic transformation of the Energy sector in South Africa.

To execute this, BEPA members are enabled to act collectively and collaboratively on matters of mutual interest and concern, optimising the implementation of the projects and opportunities in the energy sector.

Our Aim

Furthermore, BEPA aims to address the exchange of information and ideas; aspirations of black industry participants; the establishment of a unified voice to represent black interests; provide perspectives on transformation and empowerment; develop skilled black professionals that can meaningfully participate in the sector; encourage further participation of black professionals in the South African energy industry holistically, including but not limited to;- renewable and alternative energy, petroleum, oil & natural gas, coal, electricity, and nuclear energy; and provide direct feedback to decision makers on how to improve black participation in the energy sector.

Established in 2017, BEPA is a non-profit organisation.

Become a Member

If you have Black Energy – if you have what it takes – join our cause.

If you are a black individual, or a company that supports BEPA’s mission, and are either active in the energy sector or aspiring to be, kindly contact us for a membership application form, and for any further information. A membership fee is payable annually.